The Wedding Planning Checklist

Delhi weddings are known for their extravagance. With hundreds of guests, fancy décor and a million things to take care of. There are a festival of fun, perfection and happiness. It is known as the ‘capital’ of weddings in India. From the Sagai to the Vidaai, every part of the wedding has to be carefully organised. You can’t just go with the flow. It would lead to confusing with too many things going on in and coming at you from different directions.


Prioritizing your wants are important here. And spend money where it matters. Cutting corners, as it is called, is one of the worst things you can do. For example, money spent on decoration, lighting doesn’t amount to much in the whole scheme of things, but makes the wedding all the more worthwhile.

Appointing a wedding planner to manage your wedding is one of such intricacies that should be there on your checklist. They specialize in management of wedding services – from catering and decoration to site finalization.

From managing you guest list to keeping them busy, a wedding planner does everything for you.

The best wedding planners in Delhi is Allure Events and Weddings. Based in Pitampura Delhi, we are the most sought after event planner in Delhi. We are known to create “moments into memories”.

Weddings truly hold a great place in our hearts. They are an inspiration for many to look forward to. So why leave a stone unturned while planning for the most memorable day of your life? We are here to help! Just follow our instructions for different time periods- 1 year, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day and you will be just fine. Make sure you feel relaxed as ever. Do your honeymoon packing on time to avoid any last-minute panic. Last but not the least, remember to smile all the time!

We all know that selecting and booking a wedding venue in Delhi is such a tough task. With a huge network of contacts, we offer a wide range of wedding venues to choose from. From enormous farm houses to lavish hotels, we have got it all covered for you! That too at the most affordable prices!

We also look after wedding décor and concepts, destination weddings, Russian Band, entertainment, DJ services and celebrity management.  Other important intricacies such as Travel and transportation, Entertainment and music, Seating, lighting and floral arrangements, Wedding photography and cinematography are also looked after in a reliable manner.

We also provide free wedding consultation so that every minute detail of the wedding is taken care of.  A major advantage of having the best wedding planner in Delhi organise your wedding is that we offer free stress relieving tips for the bride and the groom. We play a helpful role in this transition towards a happy married life and the enormous changes that it brings with it.

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Allure Events & Weddings answers all your questions regarding Wedding Planning


Artist management companies in delhi

Round tested practices tells as that entertainment team approach works the best. Before planning an entertainment event, it is worth to make some team-building plan. The best start is to make a written plan of what you want to achieve through your event, and how you plan to make it happen. Include approximate guest figures and a budget, as these figures can come in handy when choosing venues and supplies.We provides Best COYOTE DANCERS, HAWAIIAN DANCERS, RUSSIAN BARTENDERS, FOREIGN MODELS, MARTINI GIRL, CHAMPAGNE-CHANDELIER, SPEED O CHEF, RUSSIAN DHOL PLAYER, Flute mermaid, Symphony band, Violin player, Russian belly dancers, Salsa dancers, Fire dancers, Led butterfly dancers, piano Artist, and Russian dhol player, shehnai players, Red Carpet Welcome Girl, International cheerleaders, International event hostess, Tequila girls/ table hostess and many more mentioned below.Our team of professionals has the ability to perform a work independently by following an associated process persistently and strictly.


Our creative team is available to hire for weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties and corporate events around the world. Our expert team is able to cater custom performances with creative ideas, desired music arrangements and tailor-made attires. We have grown progressively within a short period of time and tries to make the association an unforgettable experience by providing great service. Over the few decades, we have also achieved great Success in promoting some of the Biggest Films and Names in the Industry.

We have a wide range of unique and entertaining Acts by International Artists working with us. We have been in this field since years and are organizing concerts across India and we execute the entire event flawless that comes out as our greatest achievement. Being one of the leading international artist management companies, we have creative artists who are well familiar with the new forms of art.

wedding safa for barati

A vibrant Rajasthani Pagri for Wedding!

The Rajasthani Pagri has its own charm and significance. It has a way of making its own identity in the wedding crowd. Whether you are looking for a traditional Rajasthani wedding, or even a destination wedding in Udaipur or Jodhpur, the Rajasthani Pagri is a must. It can even be worn in Delhi or other parts of India, if you wish to add a Rajasthani touch to the wedding.

safa for baraati

Wedding Safa in Delhi provides a wide range of Rajasthani pagri options exclusively for you. Our safas are made from high quality fabric which will easily last the duration of the wedding. What makes our Rajasthani Pagri so special is that they are available in all types of materials- chiffon, cotton, silk, Rubia and many more. You can choose one as per the weather, your liking or to suit your attire.  Turbans are made of one single band of cloth and are usually 5-8 meters of length. They can be either made of single color band or multicolor bands as per your choice. These safa are generally worn by men in the northern part of India mostly during weddings.


You must be wondering why should you wear a turban? It is a sign of respect and culture. A Hindu marriage in India is celebrated more like a religious ceremony as in Hindu marriage lots of rituals and customs are followed. There are so many functions which takes place before and after marriage. This includes pre-wedding, wedding day and post wedding functions. All functions witness people, specially women clad in heavy dress material, heavy makeup, and beautiful hair styles. Women can easily be distinguished when they are ready for any wedding functions. In case of men, it is the beautiful turban tied on the head of men that make them a part of celebrations. This significance is part of Rjasthani culture. Tying safawas basically started in Rajasthan, but in modern wedding it has become an integral part of weddings irrespective of regional cultures and traditions. So irrespective of where your wedding is being held, a turban is a must.

wedding safa for barati

Another important thing to keep in mind is the color of the turban. The color of turban is chosen in a peculiar way so that it becomes easy to identify whether the guest is from bride’s side or from groom’s side. The safa tying for baratis takes place just before the baraat is ready to proceeds. The joy of such a procession is unparalleled. The guests at bride’s side receive the baraat with their safa tied at the venue itself. Our professional turban tying artists will tie the same colored turbans on your head within a few minutes.


Contact Safa For Barati for all your turban needs. Our professionals will select the best one for you! Our artists will be present at the venue itself to tie the safa around your head. Make sure you provide us with a minimum order. Call us now for more details!


Female Anchors delhi

Combine Beauty with Brains with our Female Anchors!

Bring a bit of glamour and style to your event with our fabulous event host. This gorgeous and multi-talented female anchor in Delhi with a range of skills this superb emcee can welcome your guests as well as perform for themmaking for a well-rounded event host who does it all. Breaking language barriers and bringing people closer together this exceptional female event host is the perfect corporate speaker, wedding emcee and entertainer.

Female Anchors delhi

She is perfect for hosting a huge range of events and her professional, sophisticated and engaging style will make any event a tremendous success. As a compere, our talented host has seen great success, anchoring major events and ceremonies for a huge roster of big-name companies, and our incredible event host is also an accomplished singer who has performed in front of thousands. For an all-round entertainer to bring some Bollywood glamour and excitement to your day, this host and singer is the ultimate choice.

Our renowned event host is an acclaimed and recognized face around Delhi and all of India. Her proficiency, competence and elegance have led to this female MC hosting many shows. An extremely versatile event host, singer and entertainer, her experience ranges from hosting numerous large corporate events to singing on stage in front of huge audiences.

Based in Delhi and available for international bookings, our multi-talented female presenter can be booked forCelebrity Interviews, Live Events, Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Press Days, Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Children’s Shows, Corporate Events, Conferences, Sports Competitions, TV Broadcaster and Voiceover and Radio. Due to her international background, our female event host can make sure guests or audiences from different nationalities at your upcoming event, store opening or ceremony feel comfortable. Eloquent and friendly, this talented corporate event speaker will successfully convey your band’s message or values by choosing the correct working depending on the type of public she has in front of her.

Able to adapt her tone to suit all occasions this female event host boasts a personal service that is tailored to your event and guaranteed to strike a chord with all guests as she introduces, mixes and mingles and entertains.

Our corporate speaker can also wear specific outfits to complement your event, color scheme and theme.As well as her proven ability to act as a professional and charismatic compere, our female MC has a superb singing voice and has enjoyed many roles as both host and singer at events, providing an all-round entertainment service to make events truly special. Allure Events & Weddings Event Management Companies in Delhi offers you a great selection of event hosts for events of all kinds around the world. Contact our helpful team to arrange bookings.

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International Symphony Band in Delhi

There is nothing more attractive than incorporating symphony band in your event. Basically, a symphony band consists of woodwinds and percussion instruments in large numbers that are played in harmony. Nothing can match the joy which a symphony band provides. We, Allure Events and Weddings have this service as symphony band in Delhi for our clients.


We have the artists from abroad (for instance Russian girls) and they play the symphony band along with the dancers in the symphony music. Our professionals have been practicing this art since forever and the experience they hold is long enough to give you a perfect play.

Our symphony band is nor the mediocre or normal symphony band. We have incorporated a plethora of other factors to make this entertainment services different from others. We have international performers and are capable of including other artists like flute players, violin players, hoola-hoops dancers etc. We even provide the belly dancers or any other type of dancers on demands of our clients.

Symphony band in Delhi have taken a special interest in weddings and in other events today. People are opting for them at a quick pace. So much is the demand that pre-booking starts before 8-9 months. You can simply understand the craze that symphony bands are having by reading the aforementioned statement.

Why not give your guests and friends an exceptional and ecstatic entertainment? This you will be able to do only if you incorporate us, Allure Events And Weddings.  We even have the singers who can give you the best songs along with the symphony band. These singers are specially trained to make the party excited and the celebrations gleefully happy. Songs on requests are also sung by these singers. It looks more than entertaining when the favorite song is sung by the singers with the symphony band and the party gains its momentum at its peak.

Weddings are a lifetime event. Why not make it the way you want? Off course you would want to make your wedding a celebration to be remembered by your guests forever. Allure Events and Weddings will make this happen for you. We are customer-centric entertainment platform and we believe to give the client exactly what they want. We strive to give the services to our clients which exceed clients’ expectations. Also, our rates are affordable. There is no extra cost which is involved in our services. We charge only for what we provide. The high quality of our services makes sure that we leave our clients fully satisfied.

So if you are looking to give something different to your guests in the arena of entertainment, contact us and we will provide what you want.


Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi


Make your company shine brightly with our Corporate Event Management Services!

Allure Events & Weddings is a leader in logistical support and organization in the events sector in New Delhi and all over India. Our event management services can offer event hostess, event staffing, Female Anchors and promotional personnel for events. Specializing in hosting large-scale corporate events, taking care of everything from the logistics to the reporting of qualitative and quantitative data after the event.


 A testament to their guarantee of a quality service, we work on many marketing events and promotional days every year and have worked for big name brands across a wide range of different sectors including automotive, fashion and technology. Our event management services are able to supply professional event hostesses and promotional personnel for a wide range of events including In Store Promotion, Consumer Promotion, Trade promotion, Street Promotion, Guerrilla Marketing, Flyers Distribution, Sampling Distribution, Supporting Staff for Stands & Exhibitions, Conferences and Events Management, Market Interviews and Polls, Mystery Clients, Vital Record Acquisitions and Merchandising.

Allure Events & Weddings believes that our clients should always get their money’s worth. Our staff is experienced to handle all situations in a calm and composed manner. We are a full service Corporate Event Management Companywhich knows how to cater to large crowds in an effective way. We like to stay one step ahead in the planning process. This is our commitment to you!

Of course, the whole service is completely customized to your event. All promotional personnel are professional and experienced and will briefed to your specifications ensuring they perfectly represent you brand to your target audience. They will convey key messages, embody your brand and company, wear branded clothing and hand out fliers and promotional products, engage with a specific targeted audience, host events, tours, conduct surveys and much more.Our brand ambassadors are the ultimate event staffing solution; they are the perfect way to engage with existing and potential customers in a personal way at in store promotions, street promotions, exhibitions and conferences.

If you’d like to find out more about our Event Management Services and about booking event hostess and promotional personnel for your event in Delhi or in any part of India, get in contact with any one of our experienced entertainment coordinators. They have years of experienced pairing qualified personnel with all kinds of events to create unique promotion experiences and ensure ROI.


The Perfect blend of Bhangra and Gidda too enthral your guests at your event!

A professional dance troupe with a passion for entertaining audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds, our sensational Bhangra Entertainment Group from Punjab are sure to blow guests away with their spectacular performances. They have many years of experience working nationally and internationally, bhangraaving mesmerised global audiences with their top quality, fast paced dance routines and intricate costumes. They are also heavily involved in the Punjabi industry in India, having worked alongside and trained the majority of dancers and singers.

punjabi dance group for wedding

Our female Gidda singers and performers are especially suitable for weddings, as they can celebrate traditional Indian weddings as tradition demands. To begin with, our artists will introduce the Jaggo. For this, they can provide all the necessary accessories. They can also perform different dance styles: traditional, modern or a boliyan set, they can perform it all. Their interactive show also involves a dholki player’s, female DJs’ and female Sangeet singers’ performances. For those who would like to have a non-permanent tattoo as a memento of a special day, Mehndi artists can also be booked so they can paint traditional henna decorative designs on the skin.

Female Gidda singers and entertainers are usually booked for traditional Indian weddings, but that doesn’t mean our performers can bring their interactive show to other special occasions. Witnessing their performances and the beauty of their tradition is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Fast becoming one of the India’s most sought after dance groups, these stunning dancers have developed a reputation for excellence and bringing all the atmosphere and beauty that is Bollywood to countless events.

Comprised of high-calibre dancers and some of the best choreographers this dance group create the ultimate authentic traditional dance experience with dazzling glamorous costumes, vibrant music and exhilarating routines. They have captivated audiences around the world with their stunning performances at private parties, weddings, Mehendi, Sanjeets, Melas, corporate functions and have even performed for very famous clients.

From Bollywood to Bhangra, their spell binding routines will add that extra wow factor to your event. Professional and experienced performers, they are more than happy to adapt their performances to suit your specific event’s needs; changing the size of the performance group, costumes, choreography and music. Despite being especially suitable for traditional Indian weddings, our Female and Male Entertainers can also bring this tradition to other events and occasions such as birthday parties, charity events, gala dinners, award ceremonies, and many more.

Contact Bhangra Empire now! We are bringing this experience and professionalism to each and every one of their own fantastic performances, our Bhangra and Gidda dance group are certain to be a huge hit at your event, and will wow audiences with their talent and energy.

Punjabi Dance Group For Wedding

live bands in delhi

Hinglish the band is coming to entertain you in your town!

Searching for great live bands for your event? You’ve come to exactly the right place. Our brilliant Hinglish the Band features an eclectic line-up of 3 international musicians and singers. They deliver high impact live music that is guaranteed to have your guests on the dance floor shaking and grooving until the early hours.

Hinglish the Band specialises in providing hit-filled funky live music that appeals to all audiences. They have a really impressive repertoire of songs with songs by Honey Singh, Daler Mehndi, Arman Malik and the like. The party band’s styles orientate around Punjabi, Bollywood, contemporary and they can even include modern hit songs into the set too. With a wealth of success and unforgettable events under their belts these top class musicians and vocalists boast exception event entertainment that is stylish, glamorous and incredibly exciting. Performing live event music that covers a wide range of genres, our band can also tailor their performance to not only accommodate your tastes but to complement the size of your venue.

This party band has three fabulous Female singers, with an optional additional musician on request. They take turns in singing a wide range of songs and harmonising with each other creating an exciting live music experience and lively atmosphere. They can also bring in additional musicians for a fuller live sound. Members of the band have supported acts from the most famous names in the industry. Available in different formats, this live party band is led by a charismatic and energetic male vocalist who always connects quickly with audiences. Our live party musicians regularly invite other singers to join them on stage for some performances.

This trio of young talented musicians forms a unique band that is rooted deeply in ethnic, folk and traditional Indian music with cool, breezy smooth undertones and fusions of pop and soul. The fusion of styles makes this Band appealing to folk traditionalists right through to younger audiences, therefore a perfect addition to any event with a mixed audience. The young Punjabi trio is very stylish in appearance yet able to perform live wearing a range of traditional outfits to suit the demands of the clients or event type. They feature an amazing soulful singer Gunjan Sharma, and Rishi J and Kunwar Singh- two super hit vocalists whose single “DilTuteya” was a sleeper hit in India as well as many countries abroad. The Rock Band New Delhi has performed at many types of events from bars and restaurants to private parties and huge events in front of thousands of people.

With such a diverse song repertoire, choose your perfect set list with the help and guidance of our Band for a truly tailored service and performance. Select the tunes you love with everything from sweet and bubbly 90s Bollywood to edgier pop rock sounds from recent movies, and everything in between!

Hinglish the Band is a really good choice of live music for weddings, corporate parties, after-dinner shows, trade shows private parties and much more. This excellent live band has a brilliant repertoire of songs and a strong diversity throughout their sound. Their sound very music focuses onsufi rock and pop. This creates an upbeat yet traditional element to their live music.Their energetic stage presence is bound to encourage your guests to get up a dance.

Contact us now! Our team will get in touch with you immediately and offer the best price to you! We wish you the grandest, most memorable party people have ever heard of.

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Bagpipe Band in Delhi

Welcome Girl For Marriage


Why A Female Anchor Is Always Better For Events?


Hinglish the band is coming to rock your show!

Hinglish the band has been known as the premier entertainment band going around. The trio of Gunjan Sharma, Rishi J and Kunwar Singh have been known to enthral audiences with their music. They are among the best in the country and have been recognised by many for their spectacular performance.

live band performers in delhi

We bring to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the never seen before camaraderie and enthusiasm of the band. They are best friends who decided to unite to make memorable evenings come true. Their talent speaks for themselves. Their services are now available at a highly discounted price, well below other live bands. You get much more value for what you pay. With Hinglish the band, comes the experience of performing in different cities and countries.

live band performers in delhi

Recently, the trio performed in weddings in Udaipur and Thailand and their performances were loved by all. Their X factor is their uniqueness. Rishi J is a playback singer who specialises in slow and soothing songs. Kunwar Singh takes the charge when singing Punjabi songs and brings his energy to stage. Gunjan Sharma, a professional DJ, takes stage to perform upbeat tracks. The three perform wonderful remixes of the latest hits.

Be it Bollywood, Punjabi, Sufi or even classics, Hinglish the band has it all covered. If you have a favourite or any kind of special request, do let us know beforehand so that we can arrange for the same. Our songs are witty and in sync with the liking of the audience. The greatest testament to our popularity is the fact that the majority of our customers are repeat clients who have enjoyed our music over the years. They have recommended us to family and friends to spread happiness and enjoyment.

In many of our performances, we adjust and dress to replicate the theme. This ensures every single s performance is customised to the taste of our clients. The equipment and sound quality is exceptional and on par with the best. On top of that, our management is top class as well. They coordinate and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Call the best band to your event and see how its popularity goes up the roof. We give attractive discounts to early bookings.  If you wish to book a great live bands in Delhi, contact us now!


The Reasons Why We Love Wedding Photographer

When it comes to prep for the most auspicious day of your life- the wedding day, there is a plethora of things to do and budget for. Day by day, a new task (or many new tasks) gets added to the list and it looks like an unending list. And you cannot think of skimping on any of these as all of them are important.

Well, there are also some things that should be given priority if you want to treasure the special day for years, and even for the decades to come. One of those must-be-prioritized things is the wedding photography. Wedding photography captures your special day in the form of stills and tells a story of your special day. This story is something that you can show to your friends, family and your further generations. In short, it is something that you can treasure forever.

So, no matter how beautifully your venue is decorated, how entertaining are the dance performances, how properly are all other arrangements made and how stunning the couple is looking, it will all get lost in the memories, if not photographed.

Being the thing of highest priority, photography should not be skimped on just for cutting the costs. Hiring an experienced and professional wedding photographer should be on the top of your list if you want to make your special day more special and memorable.

Still not convinced? To help you understand the value of professional wedding photography, here we have mentioned the reasons that why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding.

  • An expensive camera is not all that is required for photography

Give a thought that would you like to trust a builder with little experience to build your house just because he has all the tools and suppliers. Obviously, not. Same is the case with a wedding photographer. An expensive and professional camera is not all that is needed for photography; one must have the skills and experience to capture the special moments.

So, hiring a relative or friend who has a professional camera makes no sense if you are dreaming of the amazing captures. Always hire an experienced wedding photographer.

  • Feeling at ease is necessary

Remember that your feelings will be shown in the photos; so, it is necessary to feel at ease. You should have fun and feel comfortable as you are taking photos with friends. There should be no stress or pressure while making poses.

However, as there are both type of shots, action and posed, the photographer should have the skills to make you feel comfortable in all the poses. As the photos will be captured all the day, the professional should help you look natural while making the experience enjoyable for you. And this skill requires experience; that’s why hiring an experienced photographer is necessary.

  • Familiarity is required with the flow of the day

Undoubtedly, an experienced photographer will be well familiar with the schedule of the day as he would have captured a number of similar weddings. Not only he will be aware of the shots to be taken but would also know where he needs to be at the particular times. Being well aware of the schedule, he will do his job confidently, which further will bring perfection to his job.

Unless he is able to anticipate what is going to happen next, he would not be able to give his best as he will not be ready for that. On the other hand, being experienced with the similar weddings, a professional will not only be there where you want him to be at the particular moments but he will also find the perfect picturesque spots for the bride and groom shots.

  • There needs a Plan B for the emergency situations

Have you ever thought what will happen if the photographer falls ill on your wedding day or cannot come due to any other emergency? Just imagine your wedding day with no photoshoot!

We know you would not expect that. It is where hiring a professional wedding photographer will be beneficial for you as he will have a plan B. He can send another photographer from his connections while ensuring that he is familiar with your wedding type. However, this would not be possible in the case you hire an amateur or a friend.

Also, there are a number of other photography skills that only experienced photographers do have. Like, a pro can make you smile even when you are stressed and emotional, help you look beautiful in different poses, let you hide your physical imperfections by suggesting you right poses, get everyone involved in the ceremony, capture different perspectives with perfection and finally, can edit the photos to produce lovely stills. All this cannot be ensured by an amateur no matter how advanced camera and editing tools he uses. After all, photography needs passion, dedication, knowledge and experience.

The auspicious day of your life, the wedding day will come just once. So, you should not leave any stone unturned to make it a memorable one. And hiring a professional photographer is what you can do to create the memories that would be cherished years after.

Worried about the budget? Reduce it on the decoration, the wedding cake or the other things which will be forgotten after a day or a week. It is only the wedding photos that will remain there forever and will tell beautiful stories.

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