Backyard Wedding and Reception Tips

We all know that planning a wedding can be very stressful next to all the shopping, organizing, decorating, etc. However, when it comes to the wedding venue, sometimes less is more. You don’t need a fancy, expensive space in order to have the perfect wedding. Plus, if you enjoy nature and prefer a more intimate atmosphere, you might already have the perfect venue for holding your wedding ‒ your own backyard. So, if you’re considering this idea, here are a couple of tips that should help you out.


Plan everything

First things first, you need to see whether your backyard is actually suitable for a wedding. If it’s not big enough, you might have to look for another option. You should also think about the type of reception you’d like to have in terms of atmosphere and food ‒ would you like to organize a buffet dinner, or would you prefer something simpler like a barbecue? Each type comes with different space requirements, so make sure everything is covered before you start inviting the guests. Also, if there are any repairs that need to be done on your home exterior, now is the time to take care of that as well.

Prepare the yard

When it comes to preparing your backyard for the event, the first thing you need to think about is the season; if you’re holding a summer wedding, for example, you’ll have a much easier time with the décor; nature will do most of the work, but you still need to set up the base. Talk to your wedding planners about the best wedding layout before you do any work, and plant your garden with the layout in mind so you know where everything will go. Also, it’s always a good idea to get a couple of tents or some nice and quality shade sails so your guests can hide from the sun or rain.

You also need to think about the theme of your wedding. Do you want it to be more elegant and sophisticated, or more rustic and vintage? Every theme comes with different types of decorations, chairs, catering options, flowers, etc.

Moreover, if you don’t want your backyard to be filled with holes made by all the high heels, think about renting a dance floor or perhaps a patio. You can’t really have a wedding reception without dancing, and unless your backyard is perfectly leveled, it won’t be suitable for long dancing sessions.

Light it up

One of the best things about holding a backyard wedding is the freedom you have when decorating with lights. You can use as many or as few strands of light as you want, and you can start decorating whenever you want, since nobody else is using your space before you. You can add the lights to the ceiling of your tents or shade sails, and you can wrap them around trees and bushes. You can also add a couple of romantic lanterns and candles. The right lighting can make your wedding look much more expensive than it might be, so dedicate some time to decorating properly ‒ it will be worth it.

Make it your own

After all, it is your backyard, so let it show. You have a chance to decorate it with some more intimate details like the photos of you and your partner or any other memorabilia that is meaningful to you. You can turn your whole home into a shrine to symbolize your love, since that day is all about you. Also, since you are the host at your own venue, you get to organize the entertainment in any way you want ‒ if you want to set up a mini football court, play limbo, or any other kind of game, by all means, go for it. Your guests will surely enjoy it. 

Hosting a backyard wedding gives you a special kind of freedom to organize it any way you want, and it creates a special mood of comfort and intimacy knowing that you are already at home. So, make sure to plan and prepare everything in time, put effort into decorating it properly, don’t let your guests be bored, and your wedding is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time.


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Event Management Companies in Delhi

Event Management Companies in Delhi

Events are one of the latest trends of business which are carried out in very fashionable and trendy manner for various purposes. Delhi has always been all time favorite places and evolved as a city of great credentials with many good prospects for organizing events. Today, Event Management Companies in Delhi caters in field of Conferences, Seminars, wedding Events, Adverting and promotion Shows, Corporate Events (Product Launch, Brand recall event), Private Parties (Birthday Party, Anniversary, Festivals) Exhibitions and Promotional Events, Fashion Shows, Concert & Bollywood Premiere Parties, Business Parties, Conference, Celebrities Parties and Media Management. In Delhi various companies are taking up this trade because it is a new drift to promote your business, marketing and bringing out innovation and creativity in life. The Event concept is relatively new in India but has a lot of scope in it to grow and prosper.

Event Management Companies in Delhi

Event companies have earned experience in organizing such types of events with full zest and zeal under skilled personnel. Their years of experience have helped them to organize the different parties with perfection. You will definitely rock in the party and events organized in Delhi, which are well appreciated and gained media attention for its unique style and foot tapping music, dance light, celebrities, decoration and imaginative themes. Companies are well versed in event industry for conducting these kinds of corporate events, Bollywood events and private parties.

When we talk about events in Delhi, the first thing which comes in mind is decoration, Music, belly dance, color, theme, royalty, fun, friends, with exotic food and wine with another exciting things that gives fantastic feelings that you have ever felt. Today, events companies are specialized in offering many creative and innovative things based on themes according to color, decoration, light, stage, flowers and other major things. Companies are organizing creative events based on various themes such as color, decoration, design, musical nights, Birthday Party, DJ Nights, corporate vents, Bollywood events, party decoration, dance party decoration, flower decoration, and other events.

Event management companies in Delhi get a lot of business and the more efficient they create good will and credibility in growing market of event management. These companies involved in this various fun and entertainments are supported by hardworking and experienced professionals with state of art infrastructure. There is a further growth in this sector for companies in Delhi, as the demand is high and the supply is higher. The key is to choose wisely and well as well as choose with caution and so that the event that finally takes place can be carried out well and you have not exceeded any budget.

Looking forward for some best gifting ideas on fifth birthday

The fifth birthday bash is one of the best moments for kids as at the time they gain their knowledge about what is happening all around and feel happy for being noticed and considered the centre of attraction. But the most important thing about this is to find a gift which is the way you expresses love for your kids.

This is really one of the toughest times as they enter the grab into the big world and are not going to stay baby any more. Even the most important thing is to choose between the gifts for a boy and a girl. These are always different which is because of the growing mentality and usage by the genders.

Let’s look for girl’s gift

  1. Girls always look pretty in beautiful dresses. Today you can also have some of the best designer dresses that would help your girl look like a fairy. These are among the most colorful dresses, skirts, tunics and many more.
  2. Jewelleries and most significant bracelets carved name over it. This can be one of the perfect gifts that would serve as an everyday accessory and will be remembered for ever as a part of the birthday celebration.
  3. Ballerina Music box is even a good kind of gift for girls as they can be used always as their first jewellery pieces.
  4. A pretty looking watch or even a perfect mug with some precious love messages printed over it.
  5. A Tiffin box and water bottle set that can be carried by girls to the school every day.
  6. Games and creative fun that can be done with easy with being making a perfect set by being a super cool gift.
  7. Gifting a mermaid jewellery box which is always a favorite gift for girls and even you can gift a pearl necklace set.

Gifts for boys

  1. Gifting a cricket bat set or any sports kit can be one of the best set to gift boys.
  2. A t- shirt of his favorite color with their favorite character designed over it.
  3. Swimming suits for boys which is always their favorite.
  4. Video games or a 3D spider man hand night light.
  5. A bean bag can also be a good gift that can be placed at your kid’s room to make him feel that he is grown up.

Gifts are being one of the best parts that the kids always love. If you want to hire best Birthday Party Organisers in Gurgaon for your kids’ party, call to PartySharty. So, it is always wise to select the best ones especially for the 5th birthday which is going to make them feel special not just on the day but also after that.




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Percussionists for events in The City that never Sleeps!

Mumbai is all about partying your hearts out. It is a divinely place for performers as they get recognition and fame. In Mumbai, anything can happen! So, we bring to you, the services of a world class percussionist, someone who will set the stage alight at your event!

Our artist is experienced and versatile. He is able create both rhythm and melody in a way of keeping guests captivated. This is a skill he has learned as a very experienced street entertainer. Our Percussionist specializes in creating beats that make people want to dance and this is usually a mixture of Electro, Drum and Bass, House, Techno and Dub.Available for stage or floor performances, one thing is for sure, this guy will definitely pull in a crowd. He is a great choice of live music entertainment for outdoor events and any occasion with large crowds.

Our experienced musicians can also create music with any other item or object other than drums. For example, they play percussion with ladders, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc. Of course, they can play a variety of percussion instruments including the xylophone, the drums, cymbals, timbales, and many more. Their talent is immense. Loved by audiences of all ages, our musicians’ shows are a great way to introduce young generations to music, teaching them that it can be created with anything! Percussion with ladders, percussion without instruments, an invisible drums ac, their shows will let audience’s creativity flow!Ideal live music entertainment for a wide variety of occasions, our creative percussionists are suitable for after dinner experiences, galas, ceremonies, opening acts, half time entertainment, festivals, theatres, and many more!

That’s not all! As a versatile percussionist, his approach to events is very much in line with the client’s vision. He can perform in a very standard way as an accompaniment to a DJ or other musicians or can create a musical experience all on his own as he has written and programmed a whole repertoire of electronic dance music and chill out sounds.The percussionist has multiple instruments, a diverse range of skills and abilities and can fully tailor himself to suit whatever event he is booked for.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our professional now to make your evening memorable and exciting. Contact us for the best Percussionist in Delhi .


Take your Wedding to the Next level with our Fabulous Percussionists!

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The banquet hall you need for every event

When you host an important event with important people like your wedding, you need an impressive wedding banquet hall. You might need to make an impression on professional contacts or make personal relationships warmer with the perfect venue.There are several advantages of banquet service that can offer immense success to your event.

Events you can host in a banquet hall

There are numerous events you might want to host and a reputed banquet hall is the recommended place to go. You can host any event including:

  • Weddings
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Birthday parties
  • School/college reunions
  • Conference and business dealings
  • Auctions
  • Art gallery
  • Anniversary of your Company
  • After parties for international client meets
  • Galas

With the right banquet hall, you are all sorted. You don’t just get the perfect venue, you also get the décor, the catering, the lighting, music, security, and everything sorted if you invest your time in looking for the best banquet hall.

Perks of a good banquet hall

You might think there is not much difference in a reputed banquet hall and a regular venue to hire, expect the overpriced rates. But when you look into the details of what you are getting at the price, you will find out that a good banquet hall is always the better choice. You get more than just a venue. You get:

  1. A good venue

The best banquet halls will be located in a place that is quiet and nice and green but not difficult to access.

  1. Catering

A good banquet hall will come with its in-house catering service that will not only provide you with a palatable menu and flexible customization options but also with caterers who know how to take good care of your guests.

  1. Décor and setup

Be it an office conference or a wedding, a reputed banquet hall will know exactly how to play it for the occasion. You will have yet another thing off your list of responsibilities when you find the experienced staff drafting their decoration and birthday or wedding venue ideas for you. The furniture will be tasteful and the seating arrangement will be ample and comfortable so you will have to worry about nothing.Various themes could be adorned beautifully on the permanent backdrop of the banquet hall.

  1. Equipment

For a DJ night at a banquet hall for birthday partyor for a corporate event planning, all the events require a proper stock of good sound equipment. A good banquet hall will make sure it is ready with the perfect equipment for every event in any occasion and with backup too.

  1. Professional management team

No banquet hall will get a good reputation if it cannot promise good management. A good banquet hall will do thorough planning and will deliver on it. You will not have to worry about shortage of food, or limitation of options on the menu, gaudy decoration, insufficient lighting, power cuts, heating or cooling issues, storage issues, parking issues, or anything else with a reputed banquet hall team at your service.

  1. Maintenance

The first thing anybody will notice about a place they enter is the hygiene and cleanliness. The top banquet halls don’t only make sure the place is clean, they make sure it is super clean. A regular good banquet hall will be clean but with the best, even guests with the highest form of OCD will not be disappointed. The bathrooms, elevators, staircases, kitchen, terrace, every room and every piece of carpet and furniture will all be sparkling clean and well-maintained.

  1. Security and emergencies

Any situation of emergency could arise. While a decent banquet hall with a commendable management team will be prepared for every common situation of emergency, the best will be prepared for all that, and more, and its management team will also be one that is trained to handle unforeseen situations with ease. Fire extinguishers, evacuation protocol, water crisis situation, medical emergencies, everything is part of the routine of the best banquet halls. The security is always tight and there will be no slack on behalf of the security team even for a second. So you know you and your guests are in safe hands.

  1. Insurance

In case anything goes wrong despite all the precautions, a reputed banquet hall is always insured against all these hypothetical situations. You need to make sure you have discussed the policies so that you know your belongings are safe and can be compensated for in case things go amiss.

  1. Ambience

The overall ambience of a good banquet hall will naturally end up being good because you will get polite and warm caterers, helpful staff, clean venue, tasteful décor, and a very pleasing location. If you can picture yourself happy and your guests satisfied with the overall ambience of the banquet hall, you know you have chosen the right place.

  1. Cost

In order to get the best, you cannot afford to be a miser. You will need a generous budget. However, even a very reputed and perfect banquet hall can try to make things as expensive as possible for you. You deserve a reliable and perfect event management team who will not only give you the best, but at the best price. A team of professional organizers with an efficient management team will know how to give you the best food, the best wines, the best service, and the most reliable security, at a reasonable price. They will know how to work things around their contacts to fetch the best deals. So don’t be afraid to walk out on a team of banquet hall management that will not budge on its own estimate even if it is way beyond your budget. Go look for one that is willing to try work things out with their estimate and your budget.

So, we boiled down the checklist for the best possible banquet hall for any event, to these 10 essential points. You could have other queries too and don’t every shy away from asking. However, don’t compromise on any of these items on the list if you want to host a very memorable and perfect evening. It could be your own wedding anniversary, an important conference, or the wedding of a dear one, a school reunion, or just about anything. You deserve the best.


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Perfect mix of Original songs as well as covers for your party!

Live music is all about staying in the groove. It is about being in the moment. And music is a soul cleansing attribute that takes you to another level. We present the best of the best- Hinglish to you so that you can have the most amazing time at your event. We are a blend of things music. We have our own originals which are sappy yet enthralling. Then we have interesting covers of the chart busters and the latest hits. Depending on your mood, we can sing and dance to songs liked by you!

live-bands-in-delhi-1 There is nothing better than hearing your favorite songs played aloud by a live band and Hinglish the band has a huge repertoire at their disposal. If there is a song they don’t know in your playlist, our band will learn it with a stylish jazz remix for you before they arrive at your event. With a repertoire of famous pop songs by Badshah, Raftaar, Honey Singh or Armaan Malik, they have an outstanding ability to remix almost anything.


If it’s classical songs that you like? Don’t worry, because Hinglish the band knows a vast amount of classic songs and will give your event or wedding a unique traditional jazz sound. We offer a personalized customizable service, by a group of highly talented live musicians based in Delhi, the band can perform as a trio, quartet all the way up to a big band. A perfect choice for weddings, VIP parties and corporate events.


If you are thinking of hiring a live band for a wedding but not sure what to go for then this choice of band is perfect because you know that you will be listening and dancing to the songs, you love all night long. However, this band can play for longer than just your evening party. The band can also be on hand to perform during your wedding ceremony, wine reception, wedding day meal and at brunch the next day.

If you would like to hire Hinglish the Band, then please get in contact with one of our Entertainment Coordinators who will be happy to help you through the booking process. Our prices are competitive, and our performance is just exceptional. Contact any of our esteemed clients to know how we have made a mark as a live band in Delhi.



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Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment is imperative at weddings. Any wedding bereft of entertainment will always be shoddy and hollow. It will lack that zest, that substance which people want to experience when they come dressed to their best. It keeps people engaged, helps them get the best out of that occasion and accounts for the good time they have. It helps them revel in the occasion, always making for an ambience where they get the best of thrill and enjoyment.

Getting a function band to perform at a wedding is a proven way to put up a good show. The band plays some really soothing music to ensure the guests always remain entertained, and get to have the time of their lives reveling in the occasion and getting the most out of it.

They account for some wonderful wedding entertainment. First, they compliment the occasion by churning out the right tunes that suit the occasion. Second, they come well prepared and the music keeps changing rhythm from exuberant to solemn. Third, their pristine performance ensures people are always open to a dance. Fourth, they remain as lively as ever giving people every reason to feel happy about and getting a real kick out of the occasion. These attributes make a function band replete with performers the best choice for wedding entertainment.

The function band accounts for all the music played at a wedding, right from the start till the end. Guests entering the venue are greeted with some soothing music. The same is played in a different rhythm when vows are exchanged.

The after party when the bride and groom take the floor again has the band playing music. Finally, when everything is done and dusted with, the entourage is again responsible for playing the cacophony that is called for when everybody goes ballistic on the dance floor.

The bands in the most appropriate sense infuse life into the occasion, really making it worth attending. One really feels like being a part of the gala event and not going home until everything is finally wrapped up and taken care of. That is perhaps the ultimate testament of having such troupes come over and perform at functions. Once the entertainment begins, it never seems to cease and just goes on and on to never really stop.

Dance and drama goes through the evening, people having the time of their lives. The 2 most important people in the whole occasion, the bride and groom too have the time of their lives. They get to match steps for every tune sung, and have all their prayers

The band with its outstanding and rhythmic music always ensures that entertainment remains its best during weddings. Everyone has a good time grooving to the music and in the end, everyone goes home happy knowing that it was an evening well spent amid people, champagne, cake and some soothing music whose tunes will be hummed constantly for days to come. That is perhaps the best part of attending weddings. You get the music right, and everything invariably falls into place.


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Russian Dhol

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Tanoura Dancers in Delhi

Tanoura Dancer in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, India

Artist on Demand is an artist management company that systematizes quite a few shows and events. The services offered by the company assists the artists to have a steady development in their career. The experts of the company assist the customers in taking personal decisions, assist in solving expert matters. The staff members of the company are extremely talented in addition to offer the most excellent quality services to the customer as per the necessity of the client.


The Belly Dance Show poses for Tanoura Dancers in Mumbai for participating in events as well as shows. Tanoura is a famous dance form of Egypt. It is a kind of folk dance form highly presented men. For Tanoura dance, Sufi music is used. The sense of Tanoura is lengthy vivid colored skirt. The men dress in the extensive colorful skirts and spin incessantly and create an artistic outcome. Belly Dance show arranges Tanoura dance shows for a few valuable events on request from the customers. The dancers are as well positions for acting in weddings, corporate events, personal events, and any private promotional event.

For availing the facilities offered by the Belly dance Show and to know further about the occasions, shows along with artist one can simply contact the experts by calling at their own numbers. The experts will show pictures on top of videos of the event in order that the customer can prefer along with their requirement.

Most efficient facilities are offered by the extremely devoted staff members. The chief object of the company is client’s happiness thus special concentration is offered in organizing the events on the word of the necessity of the client. The facilities are well handled, proscribed and performed from the opening of the show till the end of the show.

Artist on Demand offers the highly knowledgeable Egyptian Tanoura Dancers in Delhi for performing in unique events. At Artist on Demand the expert event managers organize the whole event. The assignments completed comprises decorating the venue, organizing correct safety for the venue, arranging the most excellent quality light and sound system in order to make the instance a grand achievement. The chief motive of the staff members of Artist on Demand is to please the client and to build the event a winning one in order that the reputation of the company augments at worldwide level. The company has brawny friendship with the activity industry.

What Not To Do After Getting Engaged

So, you’re out for a romantic dinner, at a luxurious restaurant and the waiter gets you two glasses of champagne. But hold on, there’s something else as well in that glass. Oh dear, is it a ring in there?


All of this seems too dreamy, doesn’t it? But, isn’t it all about living the dream?

Well, now that you’ve said “Yes”, shed a few happy tears, poised yourself and slipped in the new, fancy ring on your finger, you’re now officially engaged! You better be ready for all the ‘congratulations’ that are on their way, not to mention, you’re bound to have an exhilarating time ahead.

Of course, we understand that after saying “yes” you’ll be all set to tie the knot, but hold your horses! Whilst you will be basking in the glow of your fiancé-fiancée status, it’s easy to miss out on some rules and planning prerequisites.

Here, we have compiled a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing right after getting engaged. Dive in!

Posting The News On Social Media

First things first; put a brake on those “Oh-so-perfect!” social media announcements. Yes, we get that it’s really enticing to post the news or a picture of your engagement ring for that matter on your Instagram story. But consider this – how will you feel if you find out that your sibling or friend got engaged through their Instagram post?

So, keep everything under wraps and take time out to personally text, e-mail or call your friends and family to let them know that “You Are Engaged!”

Once you’ve informed your loved ones, you’re free to post it on your social media accounts. Believe us, those perfect Instagram captions aren’t that important than your family and friends, and they can certainly wait for a day or two.

The Price Tag And Number Of Carats

No one out there wants to know the price tag of your ring or read a post that gives out diamond certification. It is really amazing that your partner has given you a 2ct white gold solitaire. But people would be more interested to know about that dreamy proposal, rather than the ring’s worth.

Video Of Your Glittery Ring

Rather than boasting about how glittery and elegant your engagement ring is in the video clip, why not tell people about how did it all go? It is pretty obvious that every friend and family member would ask you similar questions. So, why not give them what they’re looking for?

Show Any Regret

Are you unhappy that your partner did not say your full name or got on one knee to propose you? Well, what is important over here is, your loved one has asked you to marry them.

Despite the fact that all of it is done and dusted, and you cannot change anything, it’s better to let go off the things that you had in mind. Don’t wallow over how it should have been and focus on your “happy moment”.

Details and Dates Of The Wedding

There’s a reason why we have the concept of wedding invitations. Ensure that you’re sharing all the wedding details with your close family members and keep them in the loop constantly.

Of course, it’s a given that as soon as you get engaged, people might come asking you about the venue and date of your wedding. But, you could simply answer these inquisitive minds with a courteous “I’m so thrilled about the wedding that we haven’t really decided anything yet!”

This way, you wouldn’t hurt any feelings until the invitations are sent across, in case there are changes in your plan down the line.

Start Planning Without Ado

Well, you can surely take out that Pinterest board of yours and even purchase tons of wedding planning magazines. But, if you’re not going to tie the knot anytime soon, then it’s better to stall the search  for wedding planners for at least a bit.

Instead, you can make the most of it by spending some quality time with your would-be groom. Use this time to sit down with your family decide on a budget and prepare a plan for your wedding.

Book Wedding Planners in Delhi

Shopping For Wedding Dress

It’s always better to prepare a step-by-step plan before you jump into the essentials like shopping for wedding dress. Preferably, you should wait till the time you have not only set the budget but also decided on the venue and the time of the year you plan to get hitched.

This is mainly because the time and location that you’ll select will have an impact on the type of wedding dress you purchase. So, when figuring out the wedding dress style by sifting through the wedding magazines, it is better not to go to a store, personally try one and lure yourself into buying it.

Millions Of Hashtags

Are you willing to get yourself featured on (insert a name here) blog? Well, using several hashtags like #taken, #gotengaged, #excitedtogethitched, etc and deluging popular feeds is too mainstream and a hell lot of work for your fingers. So, why not simply ask a blog or publication to post your story if you really want to?

Stressing Yourself

Of course, keeping your calm is easier said than done. Yet, try not to stress yourself too much too soon.

There are going to be days or even weeks for that matter, when you’d wish to shout at the top of your lungs about the things that you’re yet to figure out and how the wedding preparations is costing you an arm and a leg. But, till then take a deep breath, relax and understand that you’ll get everything done before time. You really will!

Forgetting Thank You Cards

Getting engaged is a hazy and blissful time of your life. It is also obvious that you’ll be completely overwhelmed with all the happiness.. Of course, getting engaged is a big deal, but it’s the same for your family and friends.

This is when you’re bound to receive loads of gifts, bottles of bubbly and a myriad of “congratulations” cards. But, be mindful of the gifts you received and the people who gave it to you and try sending as many “Thank You!” cards as possible within a week’s time.

In the initial weeks of your newfound relationship status, it is easy to go off target and make rash decisions in the wake of all the excitement. But, do not let that enthusiasm of basking in the loveliness get hold of you. So, before you break out your diary and save the date, do take a look at the things that you must “NOT” do after getting engaged!



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The DJ who is much more than just music!

Get on your feet guys, because DJ Gunjan Sharma is in the house! Delhi’s most loved DJ is performing in your city Gurgaon. The city has seen performances of all kinds, but DJ Gunjan Sharma has an unmatched charm that you would have never experienced. What he brings to the table is ingenuity, passion, and experience to back his fame. The Punjabi lad has a mix which is unheard of anywhere!

More than your favourite songs, more than intelligent lighting, more than music videos, Gunjan Sharma takes DJing to the next level with lights and visuals synchronized to the best dance music. Your guests will be talking about the experience for days. Check out the demo video for a taste of this exciting multimedia extravaganza. He has performed with the who’s who of the entertainment industry. And everyone has been in awe of his DJing skills.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, tailgate or street party, make your next event a dance party with Gunjan Sharma! When he DJs, he doesn’t just play music, he entertains and interact. He does real music mixes and customizeshis style to fit the venue. On top of that, he has a very outgoing and professional personality, which is essential to every event, for it to become a hit!  He also has the best in lighting and sound equipment ofany DJ and his different high-end sound systems that can fill any room!  Also, he can provide Mood lighting, disco lighting, Gobo/monogram lighting, and spotlighting.

He wants to tailor his performance to his unique style. He has thousands of songs available, that you can choose from. He also takes special requests. If we don’t have your favourite, let us know and we’ll get it. We can also provide audio video professional services including sound system rental, lighting rental, audio recording and editing for all performances. Please include a short description of what you might need in your request. Our team members will contact you at the earliest.

Gunjan Sharma is the best DJ in Gurgaon. Contact us now to book this versatile DJ at the best price! Due to his high demand, he is booked months before the performance. So, you need to book him now to get your desired date and time. Don’t wait more, call us now!


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