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Round tested practices tells as that entertainment team approach works the best. Before planning an entertainment event, it is worth to make some team-building plan. The best start is to make a written plan of what you want to achieve through your event, and how you plan to make it happen. Include approximate guest figures and a budget, as these figures can come in handy when choosing venues and supplies.We provides Best COYOTE DANCERS, HAWAIIAN DANCERS, RUSSIAN BARTENDERS, FOREIGN MODELS, MARTINI GIRL, CHAMPAGNE-CHANDELIER, SPEED O CHEF, RUSSIAN DHOL PLAYER, Flute mermaid, Symphony band, Violin player, Russian belly dancers, Salsa dancers, Fire dancers, Led butterfly dancers, piano Artist, and Russian dhol player, shehnai players, Red Carpet Welcome Girl, International cheerleaders, International event hostess, Tequila girls/ table hostess and many more mentioned below.Our team of professionals has the ability to perform a work independently by following an associated process persistently and strictly.


Our creative team is available to hire for weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties and corporate events around the world. Our expert team is able to cater custom performances with creative ideas, desired music arrangements and tailor-made attires. We have grown progressively within a short period of time and tries to make the association an unforgettable experience by providing great service. Over the few decades, we have also achieved great Success in promoting some of the Biggest Films and Names in the Industry.

We have a wide range of unique and entertaining Acts by International Artists working with us. We have been in this field since years and are organizing concerts across India and we execute the entire event flawless that comes out as our greatest achievement. Being one of the leading international artist management companies, we have creative artists who are well familiar with the new forms of art.

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International Symphony Band in Delhi

There is nothing more attractive than incorporating symphony band in your event. Basically, a symphony band consists of woodwinds and percussion instruments in large numbers that are played in harmony. Nothing can match the joy which a symphony band provides. We, Allure Events and Weddings have this service as symphony band in Delhi for our clients.


We have the artists from abroad (for instance Russian girls) and they play the symphony band along with the dancers in the symphony music. Our professionals have been practicing this art since forever and the experience they hold is long enough to give you a perfect play.

Our symphony band is nor the mediocre or normal symphony band. We have incorporated a plethora of other factors to make this entertainment services different from others. We have international performers and are capable of including other artists like flute players, violin players, hoola-hoops dancers etc. We even provide the belly dancers or any other type of dancers on demands of our clients.

Symphony band in Delhi have taken a special interest in weddings and in other events today. People are opting for them at a quick pace. So much is the demand that pre-booking starts before 8-9 months. You can simply understand the craze that symphony bands are having by reading the aforementioned statement.

Why not give your guests and friends an exceptional and ecstatic entertainment? This you will be able to do only if you incorporate us, Allure Events And Weddings.  We even have the singers who can give you the best songs along with the symphony band. These singers are specially trained to make the party excited and the celebrations gleefully happy. Songs on requests are also sung by these singers. It looks more than entertaining when the favorite song is sung by the singers with the symphony band and the party gains its momentum at its peak.

Weddings are a lifetime event. Why not make it the way you want? Off course you would want to make your wedding a celebration to be remembered by your guests forever. Allure Events and Weddings will make this happen for you. We are customer-centric entertainment platform and we believe to give the client exactly what they want. We strive to give the services to our clients which exceed clients’ expectations. Also, our rates are affordable. There is no extra cost which is involved in our services. We charge only for what we provide. The high quality of our services makes sure that we leave our clients fully satisfied.

So if you are looking to give something different to your guests in the arena of entertainment, contact us and we will provide what you want.


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Symphony Band

Wedding Symphony Band

Every wedding is a celebration. No celebration is complete without music. Music sets the mood, creates an ambience of joy and elation. The Wedding Symphony is a contemporary Symphonic Orchestra created by internationally renowned composer, violinist and conductor, Michael Makhal. Guest performer for many famous Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad, Michael Makhal is definitely going to create an unforgettable musical experience for your big day.



With clients like Alukkas, Shiv Sharma, Om Sagar, Geerish Sanghi, RV Brother, Gencell Pharma, Leonia and many more music lovers, Michael Makhal is the person you want if you desire sophisticated music for your wedding. He also rendered his service as a violinist for hundreds of south Indian feature films.

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The Wedding Symphony Band is made up of fifteen to fifty talented musicians playing violins, violas, cellos, double bass, keys, rhythms, woodwinds and brass instruments. It is a group of musicians assembled from different part of the world. It can perform a variety of musical pieces starting from classical masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, and Strauss to the latest Hollywood popular tunes like James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, evergreen numbers of popular bands like Abba.

And for the dance enthusiasts, It offers a huge list of ball room dance numbers, with Hindi and western tracks. Wedding music should be selected according to the theme and style of the wedding. If your wedding is marked by elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty, then The Wedding Symphony is the perfect note for your special day.


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