Backyard Wedding and Reception Tips

We all know that planning a wedding can be very stressful next to all the shopping, organizing, decorating, etc. However, when it comes to the wedding venue, sometimes less is more. You don’t need a fancy, expensive space in order to have the perfect wedding. Plus, if you enjoy nature and prefer a more intimate atmosphere, you might already have the perfect venue for holding your wedding ‒ your own backyard. So, if you’re considering this idea, here are a couple of tips that should help you out.


Plan everything

First things first, you need to see whether your backyard is actually suitable for a wedding. If it’s not big enough, you might have to look for another option. You should also think about the type of reception you’d like to have in terms of atmosphere and food ‒ would you like to organize a buffet dinner, or would you prefer something simpler like a barbecue? Each type comes with different space requirements, so make sure everything is covered before you start inviting the guests. Also, if there are any repairs that need to be done on your home exterior, now is the time to take care of that as well.

Prepare the yard

When it comes to preparing your backyard for the event, the first thing you need to think about is the season; if you’re holding a summer wedding, for example, you’ll have a much easier time with the décor; nature will do most of the work, but you still need to set up the base. Talk to your wedding planners about the best wedding layout before you do any work, and plant your garden with the layout in mind so you know where everything will go. Also, it’s always a good idea to get a couple of tents or some nice and quality shade sails so your guests can hide from the sun or rain.

You also need to think about the theme of your wedding. Do you want it to be more elegant and sophisticated, or more rustic and vintage? Every theme comes with different types of decorations, chairs, catering options, flowers, etc.

Moreover, if you don’t want your backyard to be filled with holes made by all the high heels, think about renting a dance floor or perhaps a patio. You can’t really have a wedding reception without dancing, and unless your backyard is perfectly leveled, it won’t be suitable for long dancing sessions.

Light it up

One of the best things about holding a backyard wedding is the freedom you have when decorating with lights. You can use as many or as few strands of light as you want, and you can start decorating whenever you want, since nobody else is using your space before you. You can add the lights to the ceiling of your tents or shade sails, and you can wrap them around trees and bushes. You can also add a couple of romantic lanterns and candles. The right lighting can make your wedding look much more expensive than it might be, so dedicate some time to decorating properly ‒ it will be worth it.

Make it your own

After all, it is your backyard, so let it show. You have a chance to decorate it with some more intimate details like the photos of you and your partner or any other memorabilia that is meaningful to you. You can turn your whole home into a shrine to symbolize your love, since that day is all about you. Also, since you are the host at your own venue, you get to organize the entertainment in any way you want ‒ if you want to set up a mini football court, play limbo, or any other kind of game, by all means, go for it. Your guests will surely enjoy it. 

Hosting a backyard wedding gives you a special kind of freedom to organize it any way you want, and it creates a special mood of comfort and intimacy knowing that you are already at home. So, make sure to plan and prepare everything in time, put effort into decorating it properly, don’t let your guests be bored, and your wedding is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time.


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What Not To Do After Getting Engaged

So, you’re out for a romantic dinner, at a luxurious restaurant and the waiter gets you two glasses of champagne. But hold on, there’s something else as well in that glass. Oh dear, is it a ring in there?


All of this seems too dreamy, doesn’t it? But, isn’t it all about living the dream?

Well, now that you’ve said “Yes”, shed a few happy tears, poised yourself and slipped in the new, fancy ring on your finger, you’re now officially engaged! You better be ready for all the ‘congratulations’ that are on their way, not to mention, you’re bound to have an exhilarating time ahead.

Of course, we understand that after saying “yes” you’ll be all set to tie the knot, but hold your horses! Whilst you will be basking in the glow of your fiancé-fiancée status, it’s easy to miss out on some rules and planning prerequisites.

Here, we have compiled a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing right after getting engaged. Dive in!

Posting The News On Social Media

First things first; put a brake on those “Oh-so-perfect!” social media announcements. Yes, we get that it’s really enticing to post the news or a picture of your engagement ring for that matter on your Instagram story. But consider this – how will you feel if you find out that your sibling or friend got engaged through their Instagram post?

So, keep everything under wraps and take time out to personally text, e-mail or call your friends and family to let them know that “You Are Engaged!”

Once you’ve informed your loved ones, you’re free to post it on your social media accounts. Believe us, those perfect Instagram captions aren’t that important than your family and friends, and they can certainly wait for a day or two.

The Price Tag And Number Of Carats

No one out there wants to know the price tag of your ring or read a post that gives out diamond certification. It is really amazing that your partner has given you a 2ct white gold solitaire. But people would be more interested to know about that dreamy proposal, rather than the ring’s worth.

Video Of Your Glittery Ring

Rather than boasting about how glittery and elegant your engagement ring is in the video clip, why not tell people about how did it all go? It is pretty obvious that every friend and family member would ask you similar questions. So, why not give them what they’re looking for?

Show Any Regret

Are you unhappy that your partner did not say your full name or got on one knee to propose you? Well, what is important over here is, your loved one has asked you to marry them.

Despite the fact that all of it is done and dusted, and you cannot change anything, it’s better to let go off the things that you had in mind. Don’t wallow over how it should have been and focus on your “happy moment”.

Details and Dates Of The Wedding

There’s a reason why we have the concept of wedding invitations. Ensure that you’re sharing all the wedding details with your close family members and keep them in the loop constantly.

Of course, it’s a given that as soon as you get engaged, people might come asking you about the venue and date of your wedding. But, you could simply answer these inquisitive minds with a courteous “I’m so thrilled about the wedding that we haven’t really decided anything yet!”

This way, you wouldn’t hurt any feelings until the invitations are sent across, in case there are changes in your plan down the line.

Start Planning Without Ado

Well, you can surely take out that Pinterest board of yours and even purchase tons of wedding planning magazines. But, if you’re not going to tie the knot anytime soon, then it’s better to stall the search  for wedding planners for at least a bit.

Instead, you can make the most of it by spending some quality time with your would-be groom. Use this time to sit down with your family decide on a budget and prepare a plan for your wedding.

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Shopping For Wedding Dress

It’s always better to prepare a step-by-step plan before you jump into the essentials like shopping for wedding dress. Preferably, you should wait till the time you have not only set the budget but also decided on the venue and the time of the year you plan to get hitched.

This is mainly because the time and location that you’ll select will have an impact on the type of wedding dress you purchase. So, when figuring out the wedding dress style by sifting through the wedding magazines, it is better not to go to a store, personally try one and lure yourself into buying it.

Millions Of Hashtags

Are you willing to get yourself featured on (insert a name here) blog? Well, using several hashtags like #taken, #gotengaged, #excitedtogethitched, etc and deluging popular feeds is too mainstream and a hell lot of work for your fingers. So, why not simply ask a blog or publication to post your story if you really want to?

Stressing Yourself

Of course, keeping your calm is easier said than done. Yet, try not to stress yourself too much too soon.

There are going to be days or even weeks for that matter, when you’d wish to shout at the top of your lungs about the things that you’re yet to figure out and how the wedding preparations is costing you an arm and a leg. But, till then take a deep breath, relax and understand that you’ll get everything done before time. You really will!

Forgetting Thank You Cards

Getting engaged is a hazy and blissful time of your life. It is also obvious that you’ll be completely overwhelmed with all the happiness.. Of course, getting engaged is a big deal, but it’s the same for your family and friends.

This is when you’re bound to receive loads of gifts, bottles of bubbly and a myriad of “congratulations” cards. But, be mindful of the gifts you received and the people who gave it to you and try sending as many “Thank You!” cards as possible within a week’s time.

In the initial weeks of your newfound relationship status, it is easy to go off target and make rash decisions in the wake of all the excitement. But, do not let that enthusiasm of basking in the loveliness get hold of you. So, before you break out your diary and save the date, do take a look at the things that you must “NOT” do after getting engaged!



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How wedding planners can help you organize a perfect wedding?

A wedding is probably the most important event in the life of a person. Although wedding comes with its fair share of happiness and excitement, it gets quite challenging to organize a perfect wedding. Excitement slowly turns into a sort of stress as you are faced with the prospect of organizing a perfect wedding.

Since organizing a wedding is quite a demanding task, it is important that it is approached with full planning. For this purpose, you can simply rely on professional wedding planners who take expertise in organizing a top-notch wedding event while ensuring best arrangement of everything. Here are some of the most vital benefits that wedding planners serve so as to make the wedding event a perfect affair –

Wedding Planner Help Save Time

Planning a wedding is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Couples spend an innumerable number of hours discussing their dress, wedding jewellery, venue, and decoration. Discussion on such topics not only consumes time but at times couples find it hard to reach to any suitable conclusion as well.

Wedding planners at this time come handy and assist bride and groom with their dresses, venue decoration, jewellery, entertainment activities and other arrangements as well. Event planning is a time-consuming task and you cannot let your precious time before marriage get wasted planning things that could possibly be handled in a better way by planners. Trusted planners keep track of lists and timetables and look after logistical coordination to make sure that event planning goes smoothly and in an organized manner.

Wedding Planners Help You Stay within Budget

While many people think that hiring the services of a wedding planner is an added expense, in reality they help you save money by trimming down your expenses. Wedding coordinators have a great deal of contacts with other wedding service providers and help you hire their services in most competitive of rates. Whether it is wedding decorators or catering service provider, coordinators assist you strike a fair deal with them and make sure you are able to save some handy money. Since wedding planners know local vendors that provide best services at most reasonable rates, it certainly makes wedding event a perfect setup.

They come up with exciting and new ideas related to decoration, Live Bands, entertainment, International Artist Management, and catering and make sure guest are able to enjoy the wedding thoroughly. Moreover, due to the fact that wedding planners have special privileges to get industry discounts, they aid you to shop for flowers, tables, and cars at discounted rates.

Well Organized Wedding with Negligible Stress

Owing to their experience with respect to wedding planning, coordinators assist you to organize a perfect wedding in a time-bound manner. They come equipped with handy information and resources and make sure each and everything is perfectly organized. Whether it is Wedding Photography, Venue Decoration, and Music, Wedding Organisers help you organize the best of everything.

Professionals keep you updated about each important preparation and provide necessary information as and when required. Staying informed about the status of each preparation not only helps you keep calm rather you remain stress-free as well. When you are stress-free, you can simply sit back and enjoy your wedding in the most satisfying manner.

Wedding Planners Let You Enjoy With Your Guests

Most people who plan and organize their wedding without any professional help often complain that they did not get the time to enjoy their wedding with their relatives and guests.  This happens because couples get too busy with the preparations and find it hard to devote some quality time to their guests. Since planning and organizing the event takes a lot of time and effort, it is always suggested to hire the services of wedding planners to organize a hassle free and perfect wedding. When you rely on wedding coordinators, you can assign to them almost every task associated with organizing the marriage event. Not only do experts help you with aspects like decoration, catering and entertainment rather they also aid brides in selecting wedding jewellery. With wedding planners, you can simply assign to them all the responsibilities and enjoy with guests in the most satisfactory manner.

Some Other Benefits of Hiring the Services of Wedding Planners

  •    Apart from arranging everything perfectly, wedding planners confirm the availability vendors on the day of marriage. They create a wedding day timeline and make sure each and every aspect of wedding event is at a place to facilitate a perfect organization.
  •    Flexibility is another benefit that you can avail when you rely on the expertise of wedding coordinators for your marriage. There are times when you do not like something or some arrangement and decide to prefer something else. It is at this time professional wedding organizers offer you the flexibility and make sure you get what you want.



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In the past it was very difficult to reach and buy novelties, gain information and to obtain fashionable products. However the advancements in the fields of communication and payment have made it possible to follow the new developments in the far reaches of the world via internet and even to purchase things from there. Places that we could in the past only reach after long and expensive travels by even the fastest forms of transportation now are only a “click” away thanks to the internet. However the hardships of business life, transportation difficulties and the increase of the shared web of knowledge have made people slaves of Time.


Shops at their surrounding areas and at shopping malls can give service only up to a certain time. However by internet you can now reach all visitors from all over the world without the problem of time differences.Based on this, in order to contribute to the growing Wedding Sector, the was established.

The Objective of

To increase the total sales of manufacturers and suppliers active in the Wedding Sector, help them in finding new markets, introduce all firms in the sector to the world, contribute to brand recognition, enable brides and grooms to follow the world trends in the wedding sector and to purchase their needs from one source and to share their knowledge.

Basically we operate as B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers). The portal content is free for the visitor to browse without the requirement to sign up or pay any fees. In terms of B2B, we are trying to introduce the manufacturers and suppliers in our country to the world in order to obtain new customers both nationally and internationally. We also aim to contribute to the international importers by forming new job unions and by helping them to advance and become a brand.

In terms of B2C, we enable the brides and grooms to browse through the products of firms that also sell as retail besides wholesale. Our member companies may purchase the related packages and can easily upload the images of their products whereas firms that have their own websites through which they can sell from may give their links – besides their introductions – and may sell their products.

Bride and groom candidates may communicate with our portal free of charge and can gain information about our products and services from other members. When bride and groom candidates are making their wedding organizations, they can easily purchase all their needs from a single source via our member companies.

Who can benefit?

Wedding Planners, Ceremony & Reception Venues, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Rentals, Artist Management, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Photographers & Videographers, Wedding Florists, Wedding Beauty & Health, Saxophone Player, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding Caterers, Wedding Favors & Gifts, Live Bands & DJ’s, Wedding Cakes, Vintage Car For Wedding and many more.


Ideas And Guide To Plan Theme Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations had always been a very integral part of everyone’s life. Especially if you are from South India, you would know, people love nothing more than planning a perfect wedding. But now in this trending world, typical Indian wedding decoration themes are now getting replaced by either destination or other theme wedding. So if you are about to have your wedding soon, why not plan a theme where you can portray the blooming romance between you two?


Before that, you should also keep in mind that your theme should be maintained for all the pre-wedding ceremonies also. So let’s start from the pre-wedding ceremonies first!

Pre-Wedding Ceremony Planning
• Bachelorette or bachelor’s party – where you can have an absolute peppy decoration that will match with the bride’s or groom’s personality.
• Mehendi and Sangeet – is one lovely ceremony where all the women wear henna on their hands and dances on charming music. You can plan the décor of this day either with floral decoration or can also try glass and artificial flower decorative pieces.
• Haldi – is the last ceremony right before your wedding. This is the time when all the elders put turmeric paste on both the groom and the bride, showering their blessings. Make this ceremony touchier with the addition of an aesthetic décor that will make everything look more splendid.

Theme Wedding Decorations And Destination
You can plan a theme wedding both indoor and outdoor. So as per the location, the theme can be set for celebrating your marriage.

Indoor Themes:
Indian wedding deserves more aesthetic look that can come with floral decorations paired with perfectly matching lights. This will make everything look more charming and glorious to match up with the beautiful couple.

You can either plan the wedding at home or can even check out different wedding venues in Delhi like some banquet hall, hotel, marriage hall or your ancestral house.

Here, there is a chance of proper backdrop decoration and a grand mandap. As per the flower combination, use the chairs and drapes accordingly. It is best to give theindoor wedding a golden and red theme or silver and maroon combination. These just make the entire décor look more regal.

Outdoor Themes:
When planning for an outdoor wedding, the best thing to do is, hire a Wedding Planners and decorator who will add the stars of glory to your idea and will also help you to execute it perfectly. Let’s see how to plan a theme wedding.

First of all, decide on the wedding locations in Delhi so that you can book your dream place in time. Once you book the location, you will know which theme will go best with the place.

For outdoor wedding theme, you can go for garden wedding Delhi where you can take the vows under the open sky, amidst the beauty of nature, all blessing your marriage. If you are planning for this, then go for a décor that will complement the greenery by using drapes and artificial pillars with original flowers. Also,strings of hanging glasses look amazing.

If your wedding is during the daytime, then you don’t have to think about the light much; but for evening, lighting is imperative.


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Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs you can try out on your wedding day

The wedding season is coming up, and there’s so much to decide on. The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most fun-filled and glamorous pre-wedding occasions in India that generally takes place a day or two prior to the wedding. It is considered to beauspicious and is one of the oldest wedding traditions.


The traditional Mehendi designs have become more decorative and intricate with time, with people getting more and more creative.We present some of the best ones just for you!

Add Glitters to your Mehendi

Glitters are a lovely sight and adding them to your Mehendi makes it all the more alluring to the eyes. Make your Mehendi more interesting with these great designs.

The Floral Design

Flowers are a symbol of love and acceptance. The flowers on the bridal hands, with their deep orange-red mehendi stain, can wow you with their simple yet graceful design. They are a symbol of feminist too.

The Mixed up or Asymmetrical Mehendi

Symmetry is not a precondition for beautifulness. The beauty can lie in the uniqueness of an asymmetric pattern with vine designs and floral patterns all over the hands. It is an epitome of beautifulness.

The Swirl

The Swirl is a unique yet beautiful design. This curvy design is done on each finger, leaving a blank space between the palm and the fingers. The swirls and paisley pattern with dot accents forms a classic design for the brides who want to sport Mehendi, but want it to be minimal.

The Tips and Cuffs

This look features minimalist designs on the bride’s fingertips and elaborates the details particularly over the cuffs. The palms may have a simple design drawn on them, or none at all. This modern pattern is created with a blend of architectural and floral inspiration. It makes the bride’s hands appear like she is wearing bracelets.

The Glove Design

This lacy design is different from most of the other designs and is one of the latest bridal Mehendi designs. It doesn’t feature a central design, but uses many common patterns such as petals to finish the lacy glove look.

Allure one of the top Wedding Planners in Delhi offers complete wedding planning services in Delhi, Mumbai & Goa.


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Why Wedding Planning is here to stay

The Wedding industry in India is here to stay. It is estimated to be worth thousands of crores. And event management companies have been raking in all the moolah. Since times known have marriages been a big part of our lives. We have grown up seeing our near and dear ones get itched in a lifetime of love.


As the weddings have become large and lavish, so have the intricacies which need to be handled to ensure that it is an enormous success. There comes the role of event management companies. We understand that if you are spending so much money on your marriage, why not ensure that it takes place under the watchful eyes of an expert.

We all specialise in something or another. We cannot specialise in everything. Having a wedding planners take care of the most memorable moment of your life is indeed a great decision. He will take care of everything- from the way the bouquet is laid out to the selection of caterers. He is an expert in decorations and which DJ to hire for which event. You might believe that it would cost a hell lot more to outsource wedding work to a professional. But trust me, it is actually cheaper. Besides the peace of mind that he brings with himself, the Wedding Planners in Delhi knows everyone, from the chai wala to the DJ who is playing the music. His connections allow him to bargain and get you the best price.

You can depend upon him for advice and solace. He knows your budget and will stick to his limits. Also, a marriage is a time when we like to go all out in our wishes. The Dulhan may have a wish for a superstar to perform in the sangeet. The Dulha may wish for a luxury car to transport him in his Baarat. Whatever your desires, we are here to fulfil them. Leave it on us to get it done. We have years of experience in this filed.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.