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Round tested practices tells as that entertainment team approach works the best. Before planning an entertainment event, it is worth to make some team-building plan. The best start is to make a written plan of what you want to achieve through your event, and how you plan to make it happen. Include approximate guest figures and a budget, as these figures can come in handy when choosing venues and supplies.We provides Best COYOTE DANCERS, HAWAIIAN DANCERS, RUSSIAN BARTENDERS, FOREIGN MODELS, MARTINI GIRL, CHAMPAGNE-CHANDELIER, SPEED O CHEF, RUSSIAN DHOL PLAYER, Flute mermaid, Symphony band, Violin player, Russian belly dancers, Salsa dancers, Fire dancers, Led butterfly dancers, piano Artist, and Russian dhol player, shehnai players, Red Carpet Welcome Girl, International cheerleaders, International event hostess, Tequila girls/ table hostess and many more mentioned below.Our team of professionals has the ability to perform a work independently by following an associated process persistently and strictly.


Our creative team is available to hire for weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties and corporate events around the world. Our expert team is able to cater custom performances with creative ideas, desired music arrangements and tailor-made attires. We have grown progressively within a short period of time and tries to make the association an unforgettable experience by providing great service. Over the few decades, we have also achieved great Success in promoting some of the Biggest Films and Names in the Industry.

We have a wide range of unique and entertaining Acts by International Artists working with us. We have been in this field since years and are organizing concerts across India and we execute the entire event flawless that comes out as our greatest achievement. Being one of the leading international artist management companies, we have creative artists who are well familiar with the new forms of art.

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Hinglish the band is coming to entertain you in your town!

Searching for great live bands for your event? You’ve come to exactly the right place. Our brilliant Hinglish the Band features an eclectic line-up of 3 international musicians and singers. They deliver high impact live music that is guaranteed to have your guests on the dance floor shaking and grooving until the early hours.

Hinglish the Band specialises in providing hit-filled funky live music that appeals to all audiences. They have a really impressive repertoire of songs with songs by Honey Singh, Daler Mehndi, Arman Malik and the like. The party band’s styles orientate around Punjabi, Bollywood, contemporary and they can even include modern hit songs into the set too. With a wealth of success and unforgettable events under their belts these top class musicians and vocalists boast exception event entertainment that is stylish, glamorous and incredibly exciting. Performing live event music that covers a wide range of genres, our band can also tailor their performance to not only accommodate your tastes but to complement the size of your venue.

This party band has three fabulous Female singers, with an optional additional musician on request. They take turns in singing a wide range of songs and harmonising with each other creating an exciting live music experience and lively atmosphere. They can also bring in additional musicians for a fuller live sound. Members of the band have supported acts from the most famous names in the industry. Available in different formats, this live party band is led by a charismatic and energetic male vocalist who always connects quickly with audiences. Our live party musicians regularly invite other singers to join them on stage for some performances.

This trio of young talented musicians forms a unique band that is rooted deeply in ethnic, folk and traditional Indian music with cool, breezy smooth undertones and fusions of pop and soul. The fusion of styles makes this Band appealing to folk traditionalists right through to younger audiences, therefore a perfect addition to any event with a mixed audience. The young Punjabi trio is very stylish in appearance yet able to perform live wearing a range of traditional outfits to suit the demands of the clients or event type. They feature an amazing soulful singer Gunjan Sharma, and Rishi J and Kunwar Singh- two super hit vocalists whose single “DilTuteya” was a sleeper hit in India as well as many countries abroad. The Rock Band New Delhi has performed at many types of events from bars and restaurants to private parties and huge events in front of thousands of people.

With such a diverse song repertoire, choose your perfect set list with the help and guidance of our Band for a truly tailored service and performance. Select the tunes you love with everything from sweet and bubbly 90s Bollywood to edgier pop rock sounds from recent movies, and everything in between!

Hinglish the Band is a really good choice of live music for weddings, corporate parties, after-dinner shows, trade shows private parties and much more. This excellent live band has a brilliant repertoire of songs and a strong diversity throughout their sound. Their sound very music focuses onsufi rock and pop. This creates an upbeat yet traditional element to their live music.Their energetic stage presence is bound to encourage your guests to get up a dance.

Contact us now! Our team will get in touch with you immediately and offer the best price to you! We wish you the grandest, most memorable party people have ever heard of.

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Artist management companies in delhi

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Why A Female Anchor Is Always Better For Events?


Percussionists for events in The City that never Sleeps!

Mumbai is all about partying your hearts out. It is a divinely place for performers as they get recognition and fame. In Mumbai, anything can happen! So, we bring to you, the services of a world class percussionist, someone who will set the stage alight at your event!

Our artist is experienced and versatile. He is able create both rhythm and melody in a way of keeping guests captivated. This is a skill he has learned as a very experienced street entertainer. Our Percussionist specializes in creating beats that make people want to dance and this is usually a mixture of Electro, Drum and Bass, House, Techno and Dub.Available for stage or floor performances, one thing is for sure, this guy will definitely pull in a crowd. He is a great choice of live music entertainment for outdoor events and any occasion with large crowds.

Our experienced musicians can also create music with any other item or object other than drums. For example, they play percussion with ladders, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc. Of course, they can play a variety of percussion instruments including the xylophone, the drums, cymbals, timbales, and many more. Their talent is immense. Loved by audiences of all ages, our musicians’ shows are a great way to introduce young generations to music, teaching them that it can be created with anything! Percussion with ladders, percussion without instruments, an invisible drums ac, their shows will let audience’s creativity flow!Ideal live music entertainment for a wide variety of occasions, our creative percussionists are suitable for after dinner experiences, galas, ceremonies, opening acts, half time entertainment, festivals, theatres, and many more!

That’s not all! As a versatile percussionist, his approach to events is very much in line with the client’s vision. He can perform in a very standard way as an accompaniment to a DJ or other musicians or can create a musical experience all on his own as he has written and programmed a whole repertoire of electronic dance music and chill out sounds.The percussionist has multiple instruments, a diverse range of skills and abilities and can fully tailor himself to suit whatever event he is booked for.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our professional now to make your evening memorable and exciting. Contact us for the best Percussionist in Delhi .


Take your Wedding to the Next level with our Fabulous Percussionists!

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Perfect mix of Original songs as well as covers for your party!

Live music is all about staying in the groove. It is about being in the moment. And music is a soul cleansing attribute that takes you to another level. We present the best of the best- Hinglish to you so that you can have the most amazing time at your event. We are a blend of things music. We have our own originals which are sappy yet enthralling. Then we have interesting covers of the chart busters and the latest hits. Depending on your mood, we can sing and dance to songs liked by you!

live-bands-in-delhi-1 There is nothing better than hearing your favorite songs played aloud by a live band and Hinglish the band has a huge repertoire at their disposal. If there is a song they don’t know in your playlist, our band will learn it with a stylish jazz remix for you before they arrive at your event. With a repertoire of famous pop songs by Badshah, Raftaar, Honey Singh or Armaan Malik, they have an outstanding ability to remix almost anything.


If it’s classical songs that you like? Don’t worry, because Hinglish the band knows a vast amount of classic songs and will give your event or wedding a unique traditional jazz sound. We offer a personalized customizable service, by a group of highly talented live musicians based in Delhi, the band can perform as a trio, quartet all the way up to a big band. A perfect choice for weddings, VIP parties and corporate events.


If you are thinking of hiring a live band for a wedding but not sure what to go for then this choice of band is perfect because you know that you will be listening and dancing to the songs, you love all night long. However, this band can play for longer than just your evening party. The band can also be on hand to perform during your wedding ceremony, wine reception, wedding day meal and at brunch the next day.

If you would like to hire Hinglish the Band, then please get in contact with one of our Entertainment Coordinators who will be happy to help you through the booking process. Our prices are competitive, and our performance is just exceptional. Contact any of our esteemed clients to know how we have made a mark as a live band in Delhi.



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In the past it was very difficult to reach and buy novelties, gain information and to obtain fashionable products. However the advancements in the fields of communication and payment have made it possible to follow the new developments in the far reaches of the world via internet and even to purchase things from there. Places that we could in the past only reach after long and expensive travels by even the fastest forms of transportation now are only a “click” away thanks to the internet. However the hardships of business life, transportation difficulties and the increase of the shared web of knowledge have made people slaves of Time.


Shops at their surrounding areas and at shopping malls can give service only up to a certain time. However by internet you can now reach all visitors from all over the world without the problem of time differences.Based on this, in order to contribute to the growing Wedding Sector, the WorldWeddingGuide.com was established.

The Objective of WorldWeddingGuide.com:

To increase the total sales of manufacturers and suppliers active in the Wedding Sector, help them in finding new markets, introduce all firms in the sector to the world, contribute to brand recognition, enable brides and grooms to follow the world trends in the wedding sector and to purchase their needs from one source and to share their knowledge.

Basically we operate as B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers). The portal content is free for the visitor to browse without the requirement to sign up or pay any fees. In terms of B2B, we are trying to introduce the manufacturers and suppliers in our country to the world in order to obtain new customers both nationally and internationally. We also aim to contribute to the international importers by forming new job unions and by helping them to advance and become a brand.

In terms of B2C, we enable the brides and grooms to browse through the products of firms that also sell as retail besides wholesale. Our member companies may purchase the related packages and can easily upload the images of their products whereas firms that have their own websites through which they can sell from may give their links – besides their introductions – and may sell their products.

Bride and groom candidates may communicate with our portal free of charge and can gain information about our products and services from other members. When bride and groom candidates are making their wedding organizations, they can easily purchase all their needs from a single source via our member companies.

Who can benefit?

Wedding Planners, Ceremony & Reception Venues, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Rentals, Artist Management, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Photographers & Videographers, Wedding Florists, Wedding Beauty & Health, Saxophone Player, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding Caterers, Wedding Favors & Gifts, Live Bands & DJ’s, Wedding Cakes, Vintage Car For Wedding and many more.


Tanoura Dancer available in Delhi, Mumbai, India

Tanoura Act is the one of the famous and fastest growing acts in India.

Tanoura is the customary Egyptian folk dance derived from spinning dance performed as a Sufi spiritual practice. The word “Tanoura” may denote to the dance, dancer or the large skirt used in the act.


This is one of the most watched acts throughout the country. This act consists of the large skirt, sometimes with LEDs. This fantastic dance performance with spinning skirt mesmerizes the audience and guest with the whirling of large skirt with heart touching music.

These Tanoura dancers are so perfect with their dance style that your guests will never ever forget this mesmerizing performance.

Tanoura Act is perfect choice for wedding, parties, themed parties, stage shows, festive shows, award ceremonies, etc.

Why To Book Tanoura Dancers by Artist On Call ?

  • ARTIST ON CALL is a prominent event management enterprise and ever working since 2007.
  • We always takes care of our clients’ requirements and desires;
  • We offer you performers in your budget
  • Suitable Rate Packages
  • Unique Entertainment packages for Wedding Events.
  • Fascinating and Mesmerizing Event
  • Satisfactory Results.
  • We Take Care of Client’s Likes and Dis likes.

Tanoura Act is growing in nation extraordinarily. People love to hire them for their events.

Mesmerize your guest by this unique surprise; they will never forget your Event or party for years. Egyptian Tanoura Dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur , Meerut, Raipur, Indore, Lucknow and other major cities of India.


Live Music For Your Wedding Day

Live Bands in Delhi

“Do you want everyone dancing at your wedding? Do you want talented vocalists? Do you want superb musicians? Do you want a fantastic MC? If you answered YES to these questions, then you better call Hinglish Band to book them quick! Every single one of my guests gushed about how amazing this band is. Every time I looked around, not a single person was sitting. Even my mom danced, and she NEVER dances! Leading up to the wedding, Hinglish Band will work with you to create your perfect playlist and is more than happy to take special requests (just make sure you do so a couple months beforehand). No one wanted the last song to be over, and when it did, everyone stayed on the floor to give them a huge round of applause. Best band ever!!” 

“This band has no limits! They can play anything from country to soul to pop to rock, even the popular novelty dances! We went over introductions, ceremony music, cocktail music, EVERYTHING. Hinglish Band made sure that I had one less thing to stress about.”

“Hinglish Band is thorough and gets to know the bride and the groom and is sure to make everything is unique and special for the big day. She made sure of every detail. At the wedding, everything was just how we imagined it. They played for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. At the reception our guests (grandparent included) were on the dance floor from start to finish.”

“They are in the business of making dreams come true and they are better at it than anyone! Incredibly talented musicians who are an absolute pleasure to deal with, love, love, love them! We can never thank them enough!”

“I absolutely loved working with Hinglish Band and her band! They are highly rated for a reason – they deliver talent and professionalism that equate to you and your guests having the absolute best time on the dance floor. Hinglish Band truly cares about each wedding – with several phone calls to hammer out every detail for the day of to make you (the bride) stress free! Despite our wedding weather being ridiculously hot – every single person was on that dance floor dancing (and sweating) up a storm and it made me so happy to see my guests having such a fantastic time. I hope to go to weddings in the future where Hinglish Band and her band are playing because I know it’ll be nothing but a great time. If you are looking for a wedding band – you should just stop here and book The Live Bands in Delhi. You won’t regret it.”
C81XK6 belly dancer bending over backwards

Russian Belly dancing is the latest craze around India

Belly dance art has come a long way from the time it was performed by dancers in the features of rich and influential in Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Turkey. Today Belly dancing has become popular in all parts of the world, and dancers from countries around the world learn Belly dance art to attract more audiences to their performances.


The entertainment scenario has also become so customer-oriented that organizers are willing to send in all of the dance bands from around the world to perform on features at the request of their customers. If you live in Delhi and want to see Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, you just have to contact our Wedding EYE entertainment customer service team and we will tailor the design for your entertainment package even if it involves flying the most exotic belly dancing for your function.

Hire Wedding EYE to Russian belly dancing in Delhi NCR

If you are looking to add exclusivity to your feature in Delhi, it really captures your guests’ imagination; You may definitely consider adding a performance of Belly Dancers in your function. This will definitely set the temperature of the cloudy sky high as they are treated with something that they would never have experienced before.

If for some reason you find that the foreign belly dancing is a bit more expensive to afford, you can also go to local or Indian belly dancers too, who would perform with the same expertise and craftiness albeit at a much lower price.

Do not waste your time looking around

So next time you are thinking of arranging an exotic event for your guests in Delhi, do not waste your time looking here and there for a good event company. Just come to Wedding EYE Entertainment to manage your event and make it a great success with Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon.



International Artist Management Companies in India

Symphony Band

Wedding Symphony Band

Every wedding is a celebration. No celebration is complete without music. Music sets the mood, creates an ambience of joy and elation. The Wedding Symphony is a contemporary Symphonic Orchestra created by internationally renowned composer, violinist and conductor, Michael Makhal. Guest performer for many famous Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad, Michael Makhal is definitely going to create an unforgettable musical experience for your big day.



With clients like Alukkas, Shiv Sharma, Om Sagar, Geerish Sanghi, RV Brother, Gencell Pharma, Leonia and many more music lovers, Michael Makhal is the person you want if you desire sophisticated music for your wedding. He also rendered his service as a violinist for hundreds of south Indian feature films.

Services offered

The Wedding Symphony Band is made up of fifteen to fifty talented musicians playing violins, violas, cellos, double bass, keys, rhythms, woodwinds and brass instruments. It is a group of musicians assembled from different part of the world. It can perform a variety of musical pieces starting from classical masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, and Strauss to the latest Hollywood popular tunes like James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, evergreen numbers of popular bands like Abba.

And for the dance enthusiasts, It offers a huge list of ball room dance numbers, with Hindi and western tracks. Wedding music should be selected according to the theme and style of the wedding. If your wedding is marked by elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty, then The Wedding Symphony is the perfect note for your special day.


Violinist For Hire in Delhi


Anchors and Emcee in Delhi

It is said that anchors make or break an event. An anchor is the only one who is people look up to all through the event. He/she drives the whole event on his/her shoulders. He is the one person who makes announcements, introduces guests, cracks jokes to ensure a light hearted atmosphere among the guests and also acknowledge the sponsors as well.


Event Hostess in Delhi

We at Jubilation Events and Weddings have tie-ups with the best anchors and emcees in the country. They are good looking, presentable as well as have great conversation skills. They know how to engage crowds and do the needful as well. They have performed at corporate functions, Fashion Shows, Corporate Shows, Film Promotions, Product launches, Star Nights, Press Conference, Wedding Show, Dealer Meets, Live Show, Team Building Game and Family Day. While some events require a male anchor, other require a female counterpart. Some events such as Weddings and Birthday Parties can do with a regional anchor, while corporate events might require an anchor who is conversant in English.

They charge the most affordable and reasonable prices for their services. You can choose the anchor you would like through a screening process to match the requirements of your function.  Ensure you are clear about what your needs are and we will arrange the best for your event. We know that Anchoring is at the heart of any event and leave no stone unturned in giving you the best talent available.

Book now to get attractive discounts on male as well as Female Anchor in Delhi !