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A vibrant Rajasthani Pagri for Wedding!

The Rajasthani Pagri has its own charm and significance. It has a way of making its own identity in the wedding crowd. Whether you are looking for a traditional Rajasthani wedding, or even a destination wedding in Udaipur or Jodhpur, the Rajasthani Pagri is a must. It can even be worn in Delhi or other parts of India, if you wish to add a Rajasthani touch to the wedding.

safa for baraati

Wedding Safa in Delhi provides a wide range of Rajasthani pagri options exclusively for you. Our safas are made from high quality fabric which will easily last the duration of the wedding. What makes our Rajasthani Pagri so special is that they are available in all types of materials- chiffon, cotton, silk, Rubia and many more. You can choose one as per the weather, your liking or to suit your attire.  Turbans are made of one single band of cloth and are usually 5-8 meters of length. They can be either made of single color band or multicolor bands as per your choice. These safa are generally worn by men in the northern part of India mostly during weddings.


You must be wondering why should you wear a turban? It is a sign of respect and culture. A Hindu marriage in India is celebrated more like a religious ceremony as in Hindu marriage lots of rituals and customs are followed. There are so many functions which takes place before and after marriage. This includes pre-wedding, wedding day and post wedding functions. All functions witness people, specially women clad in heavy dress material, heavy makeup, and beautiful hair styles. Women can easily be distinguished when they are ready for any wedding functions. In case of men, it is the beautiful turban tied on the head of men that make them a part of celebrations. This significance is part of Rjasthani culture. Tying safawas basically started in Rajasthan, but in modern wedding it has become an integral part of weddings irrespective of regional cultures and traditions. So irrespective of where your wedding is being held, a turban is a must.

wedding safa for barati

Another important thing to keep in mind is the color of the turban. The color of turban is chosen in a peculiar way so that it becomes easy to identify whether the guest is from bride’s side or from groom’s side. The safa tying for baratis takes place just before the baraat is ready to proceeds. The joy of such a procession is unparalleled. The guests at bride’s side receive the baraat with their safa tied at the venue itself. Our professional turban tying artists will tie the same colored turbans on your head within a few minutes.


Contact Safa For Barati for all your turban needs. Our professionals will select the best one for you! Our artists will be present at the venue itself to tie the safa around your head. Make sure you provide us with a minimum order. Call us now for more details!



There’s a place you’re dreaming of– Wedding Eye will help you find it

Wedding is a lifetime event that should be planned in such a way that it becomes the most memorable journey for the couple.


For some, the romance of travel is at the heart of romance itself. For couples who share that feeling, a destination wedding may be the only way to go.A getaway to a place where love is in the air. And the water.Where the wonders of the world only multiply the more you explore.With attractions you’ll only know are indispensable when you see them for the first time.


Take a leap into the great imaginable with Wedding Eye and their team !

A unique concept that has become a part of any high class wedding is the destination wedding. Destination wedding offers a vivid experience to the couple to enjoy their most desired wedding festival with friends, family and loved ones. Wedding Eye are the best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi who take care of all the ceremonies of the wedding. The entire event is well planned and managed by the professionals to make the event a grand success one. The wedding planners offer complete service in planning of the event, designing of the event, coordination of the entire occasion, managing the guests and organizing and structuring of the event. The professional planners are highly passionate about their work and have highly appreciable management skill for managing the entire occasion and helping you to make your wedding a dream come true. The planning of the event is customized according to the requirement of the client. At TAP events each customer is respected and their specific requirements are valued individually. It is very well known that the dream of having a perfect wedding is most desired by all the couples and the planners help the bride and groom to achieve their dream.

What all is offered by Wedding Eye:

Royal Weddings

 For having a royal destination wedding the best planners is Wedding Eye. They will connect you to  number of hotels who offer royal essence of the palace to organize a grand wedding amidst the royal forts.

 Apart from the fort and palace a number of star rated hotels are also available that offers the same royal feel that can turn your wedding a stunning wedding that will be remembered by all for long time.

 Beach Weddings

Wedding Eye help in creating a grand wedding amidst the sparkling sea water and the white beaches. For planning a wedding event in the beach at first the requirements of the clients are well understood and then the Destination Wedding Planners in India arrange for the perfect wedding.

International Destination Wedding – Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius ,Maldives, ShriLanka ,Italy, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, turkey, Dubai ,Abu Dhabi ,Qatar Etc.

Having a wedding away from your home town is unique and something your guests would always remember. It is ideal for couples who like to keep things intimate and personal, and want only their closest friends and family to attend the event.

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