Russian Belly Dancers to Your Party

If you want to add your big dose hex to your cases, you should hire Belly dancers. There is no doubt that Delhi’s Dance Troupes will perform their performance in a wonderful way. Our Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi will continue to keep you on your guests as well as fit in the benches as they move smoothly or on any stroke they create as pole dancers or even when they do their Laser Act in Delhi and get admired.


Russian dancing dancers clamor high fashion parties. They, as a dance dancer in India, can step on the stage with their acts, fruits and magnificent dances. They are young, talent plus money can add to temptation, as well as grip on any side. Meet Russian artists who have turned into a first-ever team squad and gladly inspire the high standard of urban poverty.

We, as a dance professional, have a considerable reputation for working with national and global clients over the years, and the nature of the work and the fulfillment of shared responsibilities.


Live Music For Your Wedding Day

Live Bands in Delhi

“Do you want everyone dancing at your wedding? Do you want talented vocalists? Do you want superb musicians? Do you want a fantastic MC? If you answered YES to these questions, then you better call Hinglish Band to book them quick! Every single one of my guests gushed about how amazing this band is. Every time I looked around, not a single person was sitting. Even my mom danced, and she NEVER dances! Leading up to the wedding, Hinglish Band will work with you to create your perfect playlist and is more than happy to take special requests (just make sure you do so a couple months beforehand). No one wanted the last song to be over, and when it did, everyone stayed on the floor to give them a huge round of applause. Best band ever!!” 

“This band has no limits! They can play anything from country to soul to pop to rock, even the popular novelty dances! We went over introductions, ceremony music, cocktail music, EVERYTHING. Hinglish Band made sure that I had one less thing to stress about.”

“Hinglish Band is thorough and gets to know the bride and the groom and is sure to make everything is unique and special for the big day. She made sure of every detail. At the wedding, everything was just how we imagined it. They played for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. At the reception our guests (grandparent included) were on the dance floor from start to finish.”

“They are in the business of making dreams come true and they are better at it than anyone! Incredibly talented musicians who are an absolute pleasure to deal with, love, love, love them! We can never thank them enough!”

“I absolutely loved working with Hinglish Band and her band! They are highly rated for a reason – they deliver talent and professionalism that equate to you and your guests having the absolute best time on the dance floor. Hinglish Band truly cares about each wedding – with several phone calls to hammer out every detail for the day of to make you (the bride) stress free! Despite our wedding weather being ridiculously hot – every single person was on that dance floor dancing (and sweating) up a storm and it made me so happy to see my guests having such a fantastic time. I hope to go to weddings in the future where Hinglish Band and her band are playing because I know it’ll be nothing but a great time. If you are looking for a wedding band – you should just stop here and book The Live Bands in Delhi. You won’t regret it.”

Event management Company in Delhi

Who are we & what defines us:

Allure Events is an idea which was conceived a couple of years back. Its vision is to transform the once in lifetime event into a life changing event.


At Allure Events we take the event planning and executions to the highest level of fineness; we put our creative foot forward to offer exclusively designed service to our clients.

We believe in carving memories for the clients. We not only organize big fat Indian weddings but also organize many other events like corporate “do’s”, Belly Dance, birthday parties, bachelor’s party, hen’s parties and a lot more.

Allure Events offer uniqueness to every event we organize. Our mission is to connect with our clients both professionally & spiritually. We have a vast pool of clients in India &outside.

At Allure Events, we visualize spectacular & top notch events for our clients. Our purpose is to leave a mesmerizing impression on everyone who attends the event. The beauty of any event lies in how it has been organized and implemented. At Allure Events, with collective efforts, we guarantee a well-designed platter of best of the decorations, management, gifts, food & celebrations.

We hold great pride and pleasure in being able to serve our clients nothing but the best. We have organized numerous events successfully in India. We envision to offers the best quality services along with a visual treat. At Allure Events, we believe in building relations along with 100% customer satisfaction. Despite the competition, we have managed to make a name in Event management industry.  Our focus is to create a delightful experience for our clients.

Belly Dancers in Delhi


C81XK6 belly dancer bending over backwards

Russian Belly dancing is the latest craze around India

Belly dance art has come a long way from the time it was performed by dancers in the features of rich and influential in Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Turkey. Today Belly dancing has become popular in all parts of the world, and dancers from countries around the world learn Belly dance art to attract more audiences to their performances.


The entertainment scenario has also become so customer-oriented that organizers are willing to send in all of the dance bands from around the world to perform on features at the request of their customers. If you live in Delhi and want to see Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, you just have to contact our Wedding EYE entertainment customer service team and we will tailor the design for your entertainment package even if it involves flying the most exotic belly dancing for your function.

Hire Wedding EYE to Russian belly dancing in Delhi NCR

If you are looking to add exclusivity to your feature in Delhi, it really captures your guests’ imagination; You may definitely consider adding a performance of Belly Dancers in your function. This will definitely set the temperature of the cloudy sky high as they are treated with something that they would never have experienced before.

If for some reason you find that the foreign belly dancing is a bit more expensive to afford, you can also go to local or Indian belly dancers too, who would perform with the same expertise and craftiness albeit at a much lower price.

Do not waste your time looking around

So next time you are thinking of arranging an exotic event for your guests in Delhi, do not waste your time looking here and there for a good event company. Just come to Wedding EYE Entertainment to manage your event and make it a great success with Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon.



International Artist Management Companies in India

Symphony Band

Wedding Symphony Band

Every wedding is a celebration. No celebration is complete without music. Music sets the mood, creates an ambience of joy and elation. The Wedding Symphony is a contemporary Symphonic Orchestra created by internationally renowned composer, violinist and conductor, Michael Makhal. Guest performer for many famous Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad, Michael Makhal is definitely going to create an unforgettable musical experience for your big day.



With clients like Alukkas, Shiv Sharma, Om Sagar, Geerish Sanghi, RV Brother, Gencell Pharma, Leonia and many more music lovers, Michael Makhal is the person you want if you desire sophisticated music for your wedding. He also rendered his service as a violinist for hundreds of south Indian feature films.

Services offered

The Wedding Symphony Band is made up of fifteen to fifty talented musicians playing violins, violas, cellos, double bass, keys, rhythms, woodwinds and brass instruments. It is a group of musicians assembled from different part of the world. It can perform a variety of musical pieces starting from classical masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, and Strauss to the latest Hollywood popular tunes like James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, evergreen numbers of popular bands like Abba.

And for the dance enthusiasts, It offers a huge list of ball room dance numbers, with Hindi and western tracks. Wedding music should be selected according to the theme and style of the wedding. If your wedding is marked by elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty, then The Wedding Symphony is the perfect note for your special day.


Violinist For Hire in Delhi


Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs you can try out on your wedding day

The wedding season is coming up, and there’s so much to decide on. The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most fun-filled and glamorous pre-wedding occasions in India that generally takes place a day or two prior to the wedding. It is considered to beauspicious and is one of the oldest wedding traditions.


The traditional Mehendi designs have become more decorative and intricate with time, with people getting more and more creative.We present some of the best ones just for you!

Add Glitters to your Mehendi

Glitters are a lovely sight and adding them to your Mehendi makes it all the more alluring to the eyes. Make your Mehendi more interesting with these great designs.

The Floral Design

Flowers are a symbol of love and acceptance. The flowers on the bridal hands, with their deep orange-red mehendi stain, can wow you with their simple yet graceful design. They are a symbol of feminist too.

The Mixed up or Asymmetrical Mehendi

Symmetry is not a precondition for beautifulness. The beauty can lie in the uniqueness of an asymmetric pattern with vine designs and floral patterns all over the hands. It is an epitome of beautifulness.

The Swirl

The Swirl is a unique yet beautiful design. This curvy design is done on each finger, leaving a blank space between the palm and the fingers. The swirls and paisley pattern with dot accents forms a classic design for the brides who want to sport Mehendi, but want it to be minimal.

The Tips and Cuffs

This look features minimalist designs on the bride’s fingertips and elaborates the details particularly over the cuffs. The palms may have a simple design drawn on them, or none at all. This modern pattern is created with a blend of architectural and floral inspiration. It makes the bride’s hands appear like she is wearing bracelets.

The Glove Design

This lacy design is different from most of the other designs and is one of the latest bridal Mehendi designs. It doesn’t feature a central design, but uses many common patterns such as petals to finish the lacy glove look.

Allure one of the top Wedding Planners in Delhi offers complete wedding planning services in Delhi, Mumbai & Goa.


Female Dj in Delhi

birthday party organizer in Delhi

Save you money and time with best Birthday party organizers in Delhi

Time, planning, execution! These three things are most important things when it comes to hosting a party for anyone, be it for kids or for Adults. But if it is of someone close to you, and would you like to spend whole time planning and organizing everything or just enjoying the party with already set and arranged properly by Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi ? Of course the second option looks fine.s

For the same, this Birthday party organizers from Delhi has reached its new level in this work as they have the best team which handles any type of parties properly and responsibly.


Hosting a party is a very big thing, handling it is much bigger. Thus you relax and let the pros work for you. If it is birthday time of your kid and wants to throw a theme party, this is the best organizing company for you! They have the most talented and expert staff which will help you to create best themed base party which your kid will love.

While calculating the cost for individual things, it costs a lot and when comparing to this party organizers! You will literally see the difference of how much money you can save by giving this Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi.

Be it arrangement of cake or having the arrangement of the food and invitation, your personal party coordinator will make everything easy for you. They will be there with you from the scratch to the end.

So now there is no looking back as you will be having the best party organizer with you. Just contact them directly and if you have any doubt then the team will be very happy to answer as their main motto for this is client satisfaction only.

Have the realm of joyous occasion!


Female Anchors in Delhi For Birthday Party

birthday party organizer in Delhi

Hire a professional birthday party organizers in Delhi for a Grand and Memorable Celebration

If you are planning to organize a surprise birthday party for your kid then definitely you must have planned for something amazing that your kid will love and get excited about.  Making the preparation for the party is certainly not an easy task to get done without any planning. To organize a wonderful party, it is imperative to have enough time and make the preparation in advanced.


In the present times, people do not find enough time and when it comes to organizing a party most people get distresses. Everyone wants the birthday party celebration of their kid to be grand and memorable. Therefore, instead of rushing here and there it is best to avail the service of a professional Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi.

These days the majority of the people prefer to hire the services of a professional party organizer. It is because professionals party organizer help in arranging a perfectly planned party with impressive concepts that help to make these celebrations of the day fun filled and memorable. The party organizers of a comprehensive service and arrange everything in the best possible manner. They have created a brilliant professional from the industry who has used experience in organizing different parties. The team utilizes their experience and expertise in organizing a rocking party as per the requirements of the clients. They listen to the unique requirements also suggests them personalized party ideas as per the latest trends. They take care of everything right from the booking of the venue, decoration, catering, DJ & music, invitations, return gifts, birthday cake, entertainment to every little thing to make the party special.

They always remain in contact with their clients and ready to make changes in the party plan. Ensure to make their clients happy and satisfied with their work by offering them excellent solutions I am organized as a birthday party that is beyond your expectations. They never hassle organize everything in a systematic manner. They always remain equipped with the best of the resources are competent to meet the distinctive requirements of the clients.

Hiring the service of a reputed birthday party organizer in Delhi, you can sit back in peace and enjoy the birthday party without worry as these professionals will manage everything in an efficient and professional manner. To locate the best birthday party organizer in Delhi you can either browse the web or ask referrals from family or friends.

Indian Saxophone Players

Pagdi On Rent in Delhi


Fabulous Ideas to make your wedding a memorable experience

The wedding season is almost here. The dates have been fixed and the venues have been booked. Preparations are in full swing. We give you some great ideas to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Your loved ones will surely remember your D-day for a long time.


Get Portraits made!

This might be bit on the expensive side, but it’s still worth it! We’re loving the new twist on the traditional photo booth—portrait studios. Much like a photo booth, there’s a designated space and, in some cases, props for people to use. But instead of four rapid-fire shots, there’s a live photographer asking you to vogue for the camera. You get a stellar classic portrait perfect for your gallery wall. Your guests will be lining up, trust us. Vintage-loving duos might opt for an illustrator instead, who can sketch guests in their finest duds. Or you could even hire a live painter to commemorate your day. This doubles as fun entertainment for your guests and a keepsake for you.

Unique Translucent cakes

Get a cake that will have your guests taking pictures all the time. Not quite frosted, not quite bare, the almost-naked cake is a perfect blend of two styles, and ideal for a less formal celebration. These confections are usually lightly iced in buttercream and topped with fresh flowers or in-season fruits that hint at the flavours of the cake filling.

Personalised Escort Cards

Escort cards are like the save-the-dates of your wedding day—they don’t have to match your theme or wedding style. They’re the perfect place to be playful and infuse your celebration with your personalities or favourite things. Create a dramatic display that can double as a photo booth backdrop or cards that are also party favours, like splits of champagne or a boxed edible treat.

Indian Belly Dance

Belly Dancers in Delhi

Live Bands in Delhi


There’s a place you’re dreaming of– Wedding Eye will help you find it

Wedding is a lifetime event that should be planned in such a way that it becomes the most memorable journey for the couple.


For some, the romance of travel is at the heart of romance itself. For couples who share that feeling, a destination wedding may be the only way to go.A getaway to a place where love is in the air. And the water.Where the wonders of the world only multiply the more you explore.With attractions you’ll only know are indispensable when you see them for the first time.


Take a leap into the great imaginable with Wedding Eye and their team !

A unique concept that has become a part of any high class wedding is the destination wedding. Destination wedding offers a vivid experience to the couple to enjoy their most desired wedding festival with friends, family and loved ones. Wedding Eye are the best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi who take care of all the ceremonies of the wedding. The entire event is well planned and managed by the professionals to make the event a grand success one. The wedding planners offer complete service in planning of the event, designing of the event, coordination of the entire occasion, managing the guests and organizing and structuring of the event. The professional planners are highly passionate about their work and have highly appreciable management skill for managing the entire occasion and helping you to make your wedding a dream come true. The planning of the event is customized according to the requirement of the client. At TAP events each customer is respected and their specific requirements are valued individually. It is very well known that the dream of having a perfect wedding is most desired by all the couples and the planners help the bride and groom to achieve their dream.

What all is offered by Wedding Eye:

Royal Weddings

 For having a royal destination wedding the best planners is Wedding Eye. They will connect you to  number of hotels who offer royal essence of the palace to organize a grand wedding amidst the royal forts.

 Apart from the fort and palace a number of star rated hotels are also available that offers the same royal feel that can turn your wedding a stunning wedding that will be remembered by all for long time.

 Beach Weddings

Wedding Eye help in creating a grand wedding amidst the sparkling sea water and the white beaches. For planning a wedding event in the beach at first the requirements of the clients are well understood and then the Destination Wedding Planners in India arrange for the perfect wedding.

International Destination Wedding – Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius ,Maldives, ShriLanka ,Italy, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, turkey, Dubai ,Abu Dhabi ,Qatar Etc.

Having a wedding away from your home town is unique and something your guests would always remember. It is ideal for couples who like to keep things intimate and personal, and want only their closest friends and family to attend the event.

Jaimala Theme in Delhi

Vintage Car On Rent in Delhi

Wedding Safa in Delhi