Why hire Allure birthday party organizers in Delhi?

Birthday parties are the best and the most memorable event for the parents and for the kids. Although if you are celebrating the first birthday of the new born then you will need to get one of the best things for him/her. This will allow the baby to enjoy when he will be looking at the joyful face of the family members in the photos and videos once he/she is big enough.

Birthday planning is not an easy task when it comes to both the parents and other people at home working at office, and if you need to throw a grand party then for sure you need to take care of things, and get them done with full attention. That is the point where Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi come into play.

An Event Planner will always keep things straight and simple without any hidden parts, they are one stop place for most of the needs, you simply have to approach them they will do the rest for you and you just have to keep in mind about what is your budget and explain what exactly you need to do for the birthday party.

Allure Events Birthday party organizer in Gurgaon is much more experienced and have done tons of such birthday parties, hence they will even offer you different themes with which you can make your kids happy, and it will be a party to be remembered for years.

Most of the time you have to keep food taste in mind, and have to see if they will be providing the best in class things for your party, you will also have to look after the type of cakes they will be arranging. Event Planners have different types of destinations for your birthday party which you might need if you are doing a theme based party.

Birthday party organizers in Delhi are a boon when it comes to organizing party, because if you give them the charge you will just have to enjoy the party and talk with the manager, rest will be handled by the team of the event planner which will result you enjoying the party much better than the old fashioned way.

So, if you are looking for best Birthday party organizer, then you must choose Allure Events ! You will feel happy to enjoy our service.


The Best Way to Rent Wedding Decorations

Organizing a wedding party is certainly a difficult task. This would not be successful if there is no planning or good research involved. But nowadays, planning your wedding job has been made simpler by the Internet. Couples are now capable to research, find ideas, ask queries and purchase wedding supplies online.

If you are among those who are thinking to get wedded soon, you must start planning long prior to the date and study online. You will find a huge source of information regarding wedding planning and by browsing the Internet. You will find an excess of websites these days, providing the variety of wedding decorations suppliers online. So, there is no need to visit different places, get tired and stressed after you are through.

Once you have researched that how to plan your wedding and when you have certain the perfect theme for your wedding, it is the time to start looking for wedding decoration such as centerpieces, vases, favors, party accessories and so forth. Visit different websites which present wedding decorations for rent in online. You must compare prices, services and goods on the website you have visited & jot down all the choices on your list which will be short-listed afterwards.

Party Decorations

Your special day creates exclusive environments that reflect your image and wedding dreams, adding a touch of the special to your wedding day party. The Professional décor supplier’s goal is to give you the day you desire, complete with the ceremony and reception of your dreams. They make marriage magic come to life for you & your guests, creating a memorable day by tying your theme, colors, vision & venue into one wonderful evening.


These days, you can set up your personal tents and party inside in any such setups in your chosen format. Make it look truly nice by adding your choice of decorations that comes from actually paying less.


Get several kinds of cheap decoration items that may improve your ceremonial shine. You will get a custom-made setting and enjoy a lot more.


Wedding costumes must be really well-maintained and give the most excellent look to the bride and groom of the day. Select the right fabrics, styles and designs for your clothing.

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Well-designed table runners that suit your theme can be rented from wedding supplies for rent in San Diego and used to get those surprising tables. You can pay more attention while choosing the wedding favors that would delight your guests and keep them in suspense till the end of the evening. They can also be stunning ornamental pieces wrapped in colorful and attractive wrappers that are in sync through the theme.

One can search for Wedding Decorators in Delhi over the internet. The online presence of these service providers has made it handy for customers to look into their earlier experiences, price, contact details, and additional information that might prove helpful in making a choice. It is also time saving as you don’t have to plan an interview with all rental providers and ask the similar questions repeatedly. You can effortlessly refine the search results according to your event as well.


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10 Tips To Organize A Successful Event

You sure have organized various events for your company, but with how many of them did you achieve the kind of results you were expecting? The answer might never be “all of them”. This is because planning an event and getting through with it is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things you need to have in place in order to make the plan successful. Entertainment, product talk, advertisement, and every other thing should be timely decided to make sure that you have organized the event in a well-maintained way.

To smooth the process, here are 10 crucial tips you can follow to host a successful event:

Hire the best event promotions company – These are companies that are meant to take care of all kinds of needs in an event. Whether it is about installing the structure where the convention is going to take place or taking care of the catering, they always do it in the best way.
Advertising via experiential marketing – The best way to create awareness for your event is through experiential marketing. With fliers, billboards, and inserts, you can create a better awareness for the upcoming event instead of a digital media advertisement.

Finding a proper staffing agency – Even if you have enough staff, always consider hiring professional event staff. They have the required experience and expertise for such kinds of event. In case something goes wrong, these people can handle the situation better than anybody else.

Prepare for entertainment – You don’t want to bore out the people with the advertisement and promotion. In fact, promotions should always be carried out indirectly. For instance, you can hire a band to play a distinct type of music, or enact a play, etc. You need to pay back the time the audience has given to you with the utmost respect and generosity.

Event duration shouldn’t be more than 3 hours – Events longer than 3 hours are never fully attended. It is, therefore, always suggested to keep them short and crisp with enough number of breaks. And, lastly, it should never be more than 3 hours.

Make sure you are at the helm of all affairs – Being the organizer, you have to ensure who is doing what and whether the job is perfectly getting done or not? With you being at the head of everything, you can make sure that everything is going as per the plan.

Has a backup plan – An event can see all kinds of surprises. The leading model can catch fever, the band vocalist might ruin his voice, it could rain, etc. There should always be a proper contingency plan to supply for future occurrences so that it would ruin the event at any cost.

Best event promotions are a result of the best preparation. Find an event management company that can take good care of your needs and plan the event as per your wish. You can take the help of internet in coming to some of the best options in the area.

About Author: Allureeventsindia.com is involved in planning event promotions for all kinds of companies and organizations. Promote a service or launch a product in the best way with the help of pro event managing services.


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Ideas And Guide To Plan Theme Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations had always been a very integral part of everyone’s life. Especially if you are from South India, you would know, people love nothing more than planning a perfect wedding. But now in this trending world, typical Indian wedding decoration themes are now getting replaced by either destination or other theme wedding. So if you are about to have your wedding soon, why not plan a theme where you can portray the blooming romance between you two?


Before that, you should also keep in mind that your theme should be maintained for all the pre-wedding ceremonies also. So let’s start from the pre-wedding ceremonies first!

Pre-Wedding Ceremony Planning
• Bachelorette or bachelor’s party – where you can have an absolute peppy decoration that will match with the bride’s or groom’s personality.
• Mehendi and Sangeet – is one lovely ceremony where all the women wear henna on their hands and dances on charming music. You can plan the décor of this day either with floral decoration or can also try glass and artificial flower decorative pieces.
• Haldi – is the last ceremony right before your wedding. This is the time when all the elders put turmeric paste on both the groom and the bride, showering their blessings. Make this ceremony touchier with the addition of an aesthetic décor that will make everything look more splendid.

Theme Wedding Decorations And Destination
You can plan a theme wedding both indoor and outdoor. So as per the location, the theme can be set for celebrating your marriage.

Indoor Themes:
Indian wedding deserves more aesthetic look that can come with floral decorations paired with perfectly matching lights. This will make everything look more charming and glorious to match up with the beautiful couple.

You can either plan the wedding at home or can even check out different wedding venues in Delhi like some banquet hall, hotel, marriage hall or your ancestral house.

Here, there is a chance of proper backdrop decoration and a grand mandap. As per the flower combination, use the chairs and drapes accordingly. It is best to give theindoor wedding a golden and red theme or silver and maroon combination. These just make the entire décor look more regal.

Outdoor Themes:
When planning for an outdoor wedding, the best thing to do is, hire a Wedding Planners and decorator who will add the stars of glory to your idea and will also help you to execute it perfectly. Let’s see how to plan a theme wedding.

First of all, decide on the wedding locations in Delhi so that you can book your dream place in time. Once you book the location, you will know which theme will go best with the place.

For outdoor wedding theme, you can go for garden wedding Delhi where you can take the vows under the open sky, amidst the beauty of nature, all blessing your marriage. If you are planning for this, then go for a décor that will complement the greenery by using drapes and artificial pillars with original flowers. Also,strings of hanging glasses look amazing.

If your wedding is during the daytime, then you don’t have to think about the light much; but for evening, lighting is imperative.


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Tanoura Dancer available in Delhi, Mumbai, India

Tanoura Act is the one of the famous and fastest growing acts in India.

Tanoura is the customary Egyptian folk dance derived from spinning dance performed as a Sufi spiritual practice. The word “Tanoura” may denote to the dance, dancer or the large skirt used in the act.


This is one of the most watched acts throughout the country. This act consists of the large skirt, sometimes with LEDs. This fantastic dance performance with spinning skirt mesmerizes the audience and guest with the whirling of large skirt with heart touching music.

These Tanoura dancers are so perfect with their dance style that your guests will never ever forget this mesmerizing performance.

Tanoura Act is perfect choice for wedding, parties, themed parties, stage shows, festive shows, award ceremonies, etc.

Why To Book Tanoura Dancers by Artist On Call ?

  • ARTIST ON CALL is a prominent event management enterprise and ever working since 2007.
  • We always takes care of our clients’ requirements and desires;
  • We offer you performers in your budget
  • Suitable Rate Packages
  • Unique Entertainment packages for Wedding Events.
  • Fascinating and Mesmerizing Event
  • Satisfactory Results.
  • We Take Care of Client’s Likes and Dis likes.

Tanoura Act is growing in nation extraordinarily. People love to hire them for their events.

Mesmerize your guest by this unique surprise; they will never forget your Event or party for years. Egyptian Tanoura Dancers in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur , Meerut, Raipur, Indore, Lucknow and other major cities of India.


Russian Belly Dancers to Your Party

If you want to add your big dose hex to your cases, you should hire Belly dancers. There is no doubt that Delhi’s Dance Troupes will perform their performance in a wonderful way. Our Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi will continue to keep you on your guests as well as fit in the benches as they move smoothly or on any stroke they create as pole dancers or even when they do their Laser Act in Delhi and get admired.


Russian dancing dancers clamor high fashion parties. They, as a dance dancer in India, can step on the stage with their acts, fruits and magnificent dances. They are young, talent plus money can add to temptation, as well as grip on any side. Meet Russian artists who have turned into a first-ever team squad and gladly inspire the high standard of urban poverty.

We, as a dance professional, have a considerable reputation for working with national and global clients over the years, and the nature of the work and the fulfillment of shared responsibilities.


Live Music For Your Wedding Day

Live Bands in Delhi

“Do you want everyone dancing at your wedding? Do you want talented vocalists? Do you want superb musicians? Do you want a fantastic MC? If you answered YES to these questions, then you better call Hinglish Band to book them quick! Every single one of my guests gushed about how amazing this band is. Every time I looked around, not a single person was sitting. Even my mom danced, and she NEVER dances! Leading up to the wedding, Hinglish Band will work with you to create your perfect playlist and is more than happy to take special requests (just make sure you do so a couple months beforehand). No one wanted the last song to be over, and when it did, everyone stayed on the floor to give them a huge round of applause. Best band ever!!” 

“This band has no limits! They can play anything from country to soul to pop to rock, even the popular novelty dances! We went over introductions, ceremony music, cocktail music, EVERYTHING. Hinglish Band made sure that I had one less thing to stress about.”

“Hinglish Band is thorough and gets to know the bride and the groom and is sure to make everything is unique and special for the big day. She made sure of every detail. At the wedding, everything was just how we imagined it. They played for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. At the reception our guests (grandparent included) were on the dance floor from start to finish.”

“They are in the business of making dreams come true and they are better at it than anyone! Incredibly talented musicians who are an absolute pleasure to deal with, love, love, love them! We can never thank them enough!”

“I absolutely loved working with Hinglish Band and her band! They are highly rated for a reason – they deliver talent and professionalism that equate to you and your guests having the absolute best time on the dance floor. Hinglish Band truly cares about each wedding – with several phone calls to hammer out every detail for the day of to make you (the bride) stress free! Despite our wedding weather being ridiculously hot – every single person was on that dance floor dancing (and sweating) up a storm and it made me so happy to see my guests having such a fantastic time. I hope to go to weddings in the future where Hinglish Band and her band are playing because I know it’ll be nothing but a great time. If you are looking for a wedding band – you should just stop here and book The Live Bands in Delhi. You won’t regret it.”

Event management Company in Delhi

Who are we & what defines us:

Allure Events is an idea which was conceived a couple of years back. Its vision is to transform the once in lifetime event into a life changing event.


At Allure Events we take the event planning and executions to the highest level of fineness; we put our creative foot forward to offer exclusively designed service to our clients.

We believe in carving memories for the clients. We not only organize big fat Indian weddings but also organize many other events like corporate “do’s”, Belly Dance, birthday parties, bachelor’s party, hen’s parties and a lot more.

Allure Events offer uniqueness to every event we organize. Our mission is to connect with our clients both professionally & spiritually. We have a vast pool of clients in India &outside.

At Allure Events, we visualize spectacular & top notch events for our clients. Our purpose is to leave a mesmerizing impression on everyone who attends the event. The beauty of any event lies in how it has been organized and implemented. At Allure Events, with collective efforts, we guarantee a well-designed platter of best of the decorations, management, gifts, food & celebrations.

We hold great pride and pleasure in being able to serve our clients nothing but the best. We have organized numerous events successfully in India. We envision to offers the best quality services along with a visual treat. At Allure Events, we believe in building relations along with 100% customer satisfaction. Despite the competition, we have managed to make a name in Event management industry.  Our focus is to create a delightful experience for our clients.

Belly Dancers in Delhi


C81XK6 belly dancer bending over backwards

Russian Belly dancing is the latest craze around India

Belly dance art has come a long way from the time it was performed by dancers in the features of rich and influential in Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Turkey. Today Belly dancing has become popular in all parts of the world, and dancers from countries around the world learn Belly dance art to attract more audiences to their performances.


The entertainment scenario has also become so customer-oriented that organizers are willing to send in all of the dance bands from around the world to perform on features at the request of their customers. If you live in Delhi and want to see Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, you just have to contact our Wedding EYE entertainment customer service team and we will tailor the design for your entertainment package even if it involves flying the most exotic belly dancing for your function.

Hire Wedding EYE to Russian belly dancing in Delhi NCR

If you are looking to add exclusivity to your feature in Delhi, it really captures your guests’ imagination; You may definitely consider adding a performance of Belly Dancers in your function. This will definitely set the temperature of the cloudy sky high as they are treated with something that they would never have experienced before.

If for some reason you find that the foreign belly dancing is a bit more expensive to afford, you can also go to local or Indian belly dancers too, who would perform with the same expertise and craftiness albeit at a much lower price.

Do not waste your time looking around

So next time you are thinking of arranging an exotic event for your guests in Delhi, do not waste your time looking here and there for a good event company. Just come to Wedding EYE Entertainment to manage your event and make it a great success with Russian Belly Dancers in Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon.



International Artist Management Companies in India

Symphony Band

Wedding Symphony Band

Every wedding is a celebration. No celebration is complete without music. Music sets the mood, creates an ambience of joy and elation. The Wedding Symphony is a contemporary Symphonic Orchestra created by internationally renowned composer, violinist and conductor, Michael Makhal. Guest performer for many famous Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad, Michael Makhal is definitely going to create an unforgettable musical experience for your big day.



With clients like Alukkas, Shiv Sharma, Om Sagar, Geerish Sanghi, RV Brother, Gencell Pharma, Leonia and many more music lovers, Michael Makhal is the person you want if you desire sophisticated music for your wedding. He also rendered his service as a violinist for hundreds of south Indian feature films.

Services offered

The Wedding Symphony Band is made up of fifteen to fifty talented musicians playing violins, violas, cellos, double bass, keys, rhythms, woodwinds and brass instruments. It is a group of musicians assembled from different part of the world. It can perform a variety of musical pieces starting from classical masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, and Strauss to the latest Hollywood popular tunes like James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, evergreen numbers of popular bands like Abba.

And for the dance enthusiasts, It offers a huge list of ball room dance numbers, with Hindi and western tracks. Wedding music should be selected according to the theme and style of the wedding. If your wedding is marked by elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty, then The Wedding Symphony is the perfect note for your special day.


Violinist For Hire in Delhi